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pdf list of environmental novels

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message 1: by Kalen (new)

Kalen Cap | 1 comments On a recent search stumbled acorss a link to a pdf titles "Environmental Novles: an Annotated Bibliography." It was compiled by Lauren Bordson and Laura Barnes. This is a fairly comprehensive list through those novles published by 2006 and is a fairly comprehensive list of well over 100 novels. Within WMRC's system, so could only find through a search, but copying link wouldn't work elsewhere.

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Lichen (patriciaklichen) | 16 comments Mod
Hi Kalen,

Thanks for the tip! I found the pdf:

Ed Abbey comes up alphabetically first, of course! There's a lot more mysteries/suspense out there than I'd realized--and it only includes one Nevada Barr mystery.

And writers out there, the pdf includes an email address where you can send your book to be included (although the last update was in 2007, so no telling when the next one might be).

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