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Will or Jem?

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Libby Will. Duh!

Jennifer JEM! A million times better!

Anjali Jem forever!

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Nicki Jem foreve ofc !

Alison JEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Tara Will <3

Jessica Emigdio Both!! but i lean more towards Will<3

Tessa I adore Will, simply because i always loved the bad boys, but Jem i so sweet, and i haven't read Clockwork Prince completely yet, but i am definitely afraid for Jem, because i have no idea what is going to happen to him...

Tessa Eileen wrote: "I liked both a lot, but in the end, I ended up liking Will better because I like the love interests to be tortured, handsome, and very closed off but at the same time deep and having more than the ..." exactly, there is no excitement if the guy isn't turtured in some sort or if the relationship was piece of cake, then whats the point with a love story?! :D

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L.S. Murphy Team Jem all the way.

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Meg Jem!!


Chisom Will

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Jay Jem is definitely one of my favorite characters but, I think of him as more of a brotherly figure towards Tessa. I prefer Tessa to be with Will.

Tonya That answer depends on your preferences. Jem = sensitive, caring, gentle, always thinking of others first. Will = insensitive, passionate, self-centered, and a maverick.

The question is who is best for Tessa? Can Jem make her happy? I think so. Can Will keep her fire stoked longer? Probably. Why do the bad boys usually win out? What I think will happen is she'll stay with Jem until he dies, then move on to Will. Best of both worlds for her.

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Sara Jem is incredibly sweet but WILL is so hot and damn handsome!! :) The charm of the bad boy, sweet in his deepest part, is unparalleled

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Emma I Love both characters, Will - his bad boy, handsome personalities and Jem The sweet, king, caring personality. I love Jen more though because he suits my personality best and I love it when he admits his feelings to Tessa in Clockwork Prince!!! Soo Sweet! <3

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L.S. Murphy Jem is also incredibly hot. I'm seriously in love with the cover of Clockwork Prince. :)

Julianna I like Will the best... I think there is a sensitive side to him! Jem is gonna die anyway and I really cannot handle getting attached to him like I get with so many of my books characters and also her being with him and then him just dying. That would break my heart!

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Ria Will! i loved jem and how he cared for tessa so much, but will was the handsome bad boy who I'm pretty sure tessa likes more too....

Jennifer Davis I love them both! BUT Tessa and Jem had time to develop a friendship first and that makes me team Jem!

Astrid Will. Nuff said...

Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter I love Jem, but come on. Who can compete with William Herondale? I loveee him <3
For all of you saying that Will is the bad boy that isn't true.
He puts Jem's happiness before his own and risked his life to save Tessa. He's always protecting people and putting everyone before himself, even if it means hurting himself. He treated Tessa badly yes, but did he do it because he's an asshole? No.
He is actually one the most caring characters in the book. Even Cassie said that if anything Jem is the "bad boy" because he romances girls in the middle of the night in his room and punches his best friend in the face.
Sorry for ranting but i just hate how people think Will is the bad boy in this, when he is far from it.
Will Herondale all the way <3

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Habz I like them both, but i think i'm gonna edge towards Will....i do think what happend in CP (view spoiler)

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