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Melki said I could pimp myself here and so I shall :)

Just wanted to toss my name out for consideration of readers looking for a fun, fast-paced, politically incorrect, and slapstick comedy with a good mix of history, espionage, and action. "Aim High" and "The Patriot Plan" are parodies of the spy/terrorism genre of books, following the misadventures of a bumbling but loveable group of terrorists. "Lotto Fever" is a comedic action novel about a down on his luck paramedic who stumbles on a plot to rig the lottery. In my books "EMS: The Job of Your Life" and "EMS 2: The Life of Your Job" (ok... so I wasn't the best at naming books) I retell some of the funnier and more irreverant moments of my career as a paramedic.

Ok, I will end my pimping, thank you for your time!


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I just added another book to my list. Hope you'll check them out. Would love to hear some feedback. The Patriot Plan

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Marty | 4 comments Its about time you linked this to your page, I was starting to wonder haha. I have to say, I read all your other books and Patriot is by far my favorite!

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