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Adeline Was So Cute!

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Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles How could her family not love her? She was so cute, while her siblings weren't all that attractive. What's your opinion?

Sovathary Bon Agreed!

Math Teacher The events in her life were depressing, even until the end of the novel. It's really admirable how she was able to succeed in her life despite everything she had to go through when she was young. It must have been really hard to be unloved, most specially, by your own family. It's definitely a tearjerker and it would make you ask how life can be extremely unfair sometimes.

Kersten Dominique I read it and I can't believe the part when her parents yell at her and slap her in front of her friends, then order her friends out of the house, then tell her to open and throw out all their gifts. I mean that's really gotta crush a girls spirit.

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Bri i hate this book

Kersten Dominique About saying that her siblings were unattractive and she was adorable, maybe in China "attractive" was what her siblings were. To Chinese people we may not be "attractive" but in our country we are "attractive". It's also all about perspective. Depends on your tastes and preferences. Some people think Taylor Lautner is "hot" while others may think otherwise. Likewise, we think Adeline was "cute" while her parents/whomever would think otherwise. Pretty much the same concept.

Willoe3 I read it for school and I was stunned at how corparal her life was.
@Bree How can you hate it, it is a very sweet story, but on the other hand, Kerst4ever said Some people think Taylor Lautner is "hot" while others may think otherwise so I have no right to tell you what to think.

Kersten Dominique I read it for school also and it is a good story but saying that you can't hate someone so cute is a very questionable statement. Then again opinions were asked for.

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