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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Title says it all!! xD

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn and kyle slipped into the room. She sat down on the back row. Many guys turned around to see who came and many kept there gazes on dawn

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Kyle looked around as sat down next to each other. He saw many guys give dirty looks but all he did was laugh.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments "safe" she leaned sideways as she whispered to him

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Kyle hid his face behind his hair, his true expression jealously. He looked around for Jae but she wasn't in class. He wondered were she was and then started worrying. When he kept getting weird looks he gestured at the teacher with an evil grin.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn looked at him her eyes showing concerN

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Kyle turned to Dawn and smiled. He didn't realize she was staring at him. He looked at her with his eyes interpreting, What's wrong?

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ladymartinez | 528 comments you ok? she mouthed to him. The teacher caught her and cleared his throat "mis blake would you like to answer my question? If your not busy with Mr. Greene?" he said in his dull voice. She turned really red and reaponded "issac newtons law" and the teacher looked at her with surprised and nodded "good" and continued his lecture. She turned brighter when a guy winked at her and she wished she could be with kyle as she saw the pretty blondie in front of her shoot him flirtatious looks

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Kyle smiled at the girl, so clueless, he was always so friendly. The teacher caught her and asked her a question. "Amanda, what's Newton's second law?" He asked in his empty voice. "I don't know." she said quietly. Kyle raised his hand. "Yes, Mr. Greene?"
"An unbalanced force can cause a object to accelerate," Kyle grinned at Dawn. "Perfectly fine." he whispered.
"Good." Mr. Edwards said.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn stiffled a chuckle. "your adorable" she mouthed to him and continued writing notes.

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Kyle blushed and began to write his notes. His pen ran out of ink and he got another. He ripped out a piece of paper and wrote a note.
What do you want to do after school?
He passed it over to Dawn while Mr. Edwards was talking with his back turned.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn took the note and looked at mr. Edwards and quickly wrote in cursive(i love cursive:)) in her fancy penmenship study and eat? Your good in math i need help her cursive looked like it did in the olden days amazingly beautiful. She was thinking how much she hated math an passed the note quickly

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Kyle looked at the note and then wrote.
Okay, are we going out to eat or should I make food?
He passed it over quickly. He turned and a few people were staring at them.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments you cook she wrote quickly and returned the note as quick as writing they were going to have a test. She frowned as she didnt see her brother in here.

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Kyle saw her frown and wrote:
Don't worry, I know how to cook, you're in for a surprise. He smiled at her and put his things away. He quickly slipped the paper to Dawn and caught her hand for a moment before letting go.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She blushed and looked at the note. She smiled. And nodded to him. She stuffed the pocket in her pant pocket just in time for Mr. Edwards to come and ask her to read. She stiffled a sigh and began reading from the passage her voice alluring. "Good reading skills" Mr. Edwards commented and continued picking on a guy sleeping

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Kyle yawned and took out a pencil. He started to play with it, he always got distracted when he was at school. He looked at the board and could see really well. He took out his glasses and put them on. Everyone told him he looked funny with his glasses which is why he rarely used them.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn looked at Kyle and smiled biting her lip Any sexier and your going to kill me she wrote on a note and gave it to him

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Kyle read the note and blushed.
Really? Everyone tells me I look funny.
He frowned dramatically and passed Dawn the note. Even with his glasses he wrote sloppy.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn noticed his frown and shook her head chuckling. The teacher was wrapping it up. Your not she wrote back and sent him a kiss as she blushed when a girl caught her

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As Kyle received his invisible kiss he smiled. A blush spread over his face but he grin only deepened. A girl looked at him and smiled, it was Angie, one of Jae friends, she pointed at his dimples. She waved at Dawn and grinned, showing her blue braces.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn grinned and waved back. At least it wasnt his ex.

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(Or was she? lol)
The teacher announced the test was postponed due to the period almost being over. He gave the class the last minutes for free time.
"Hey." Kyle said groggily.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments (good questiong lol)
"Tired already?" she teased as she stretched her legs and her arms upwards

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"What time did we go to sleep yesterday?" Kyle asked as if to prove a point. Some kids made some "ohhhh" sounds and Kyle blushed while others gave them envious looks.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn blushed. As guys looked her up and down and she glared at them. Girls looked at him and making cute eyes and she blew her bangs out of her face "Well.." she said thinking they did get pretty late at his house

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The bell rang and Kyle stood up fast ready to leave. He waited for Dawn, "Saved by the bell, right? Somehow I feel this doesn't apply to us right now." Kyle frowned, he hugged Dawn to him as they began to walk forward.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She followed her notebook clutched to her chest. her friends came and they started chatting away. They realized Kyle who was also surronded by friends and started talking about him. They kept repeating that he was sexy and cute. A girl name Miranda came and pushed herself against him

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Kyle apologized and gently pushed her off. His friend Silas had passed and he called him. "Silas!"
"Yo, hey. What's up?"
"Hey, this is Dawn, my girlfriend."
"Always a pleasure to meet a pretty lady." Silas winked at Dawn playfully.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She blushed and laughed liking him already she dimpled at him "always a plesure to meet a dashing gent" she grinned

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Silas blushed and smiled at her. Kyle smiled at them both and then asked,"Have you seen, Jae?"
Silas's smiled disappeared and his face filled with concern. "She came to see me in the morning, she said she wasn't coming, you know, 'cause of James." He rolled his eyes and tried a smile but it was obviously fake.
"Oh, okay, we'll see you then." Silas waved again and winked at Dawn.
"What do you want to do now?" asked Kyle as they walked along to his locker.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments "are you saying i should skip english and you history?" she said with her hands on her hips. She knew she was concerned for jae. "hey if yourthat worried go and find her, ill wait for you" she said sincerly hoping she was ok. Her best friend Jenni came and grinned "hey! Why havent you called me of the hottie that you.....met" jenni obviously realizing the hottie was next to dawn. "jenni this is kyle my boyfriend" she presented him and jenni looked him up and down and winked at him "jenni, love. Take care of my girl" and with that she gave dawn a quick hug and left "use condoms!!" she shouted down the hall and dawn blushed doing a facepalm

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Kyle bursted out laughing, "If only she knew." he whispered to himself. "No, I'm not going, it isn't the first time she's done it anyways. She'll be back for third period." Kyle smiled and shrugged off her concern. He stuffed a few books in his locker and shut it hard. "Ready?" he asked calmly.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments "see you after english then?" him obviously forgetting they had different classes on third period.

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"Oh, yeah, okay." He leaned in for a kiss.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She eagerly met his lips. It felt eternal. She sighed being content "you almost make me want to ditch" she grinned

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"No, that is bad." He touched her cheek as if she were a precious doll. "You're too smart to mess up you're life."

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She leaned her head against his cheek "ok, i love you" she whispered as she opened them

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Kyle looked at her for about a minute. "Okay, I love you too, babe." He kissed her as the bell rang and squeezed her hand. "What class do you have now?"

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ladymartinez | 528 comments "History, do you?" she asked her eyes gleamed with hope

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Kyle looked at his feet and shifted uncomfortably. "I have English next. Do you want me to walk you to your class?" He smiled hopefully and reached for her hand.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She took it glad for him to be with her. "okay" she dimpled at him

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Kyle smiled even wider as he spun her around. He whispered at her ear while they walked occasionally biting her.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments she giggled and surpressed her laughter from spreading. she smacked him playfully on the shoulder "im very ticklish!" she grinned

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Kyle laughed and whispered into her ear, "I can see that." He trailed his lips from her ear to her neck and tickled her with his lips.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She giggled and squirmed but never leaving him

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Kyle smiled at Dawn's struggle and hugged her tighter to him.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments Dawn laughed "your a dork" she said and tiptoed to kiss him

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Kyle kissed her and pushed her gently to the wall. He pulled back and looked at her, "We should get you to class." He said in a mocking tone again.

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ladymartinez | 528 comments She pulled him towards her. "Teach me teacher" she said mocking back grinning

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