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Arielle Feist This is about a boy who is traveling to school and runs into a lion! The boy then sees the lion in pain and helps him remove a thorn from his paw. The lion and the boy become friends for life, the illustrations in this books were very satisfying.

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Read and noted. Thanks, lg

Mrs.Lady I had that book as a child, I wish I still had it. When my best freind had her first baby at the age of 41 I gave her my Andy and the Lion book, that was like 25 years ago. I recently asked her and she said it probably got tossed out. Maybe I will order me a new one. I loved the illustrations so much. I still remember the look on the lion's face when Andy is about to remove the thorn in his paw. The illustrator really captured the lion's emotional state, he was so aprehensive his tail was in a wound up like a corkscrew. Great book, so glad it is still around!

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