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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 527 comments Mod's the charrie sheet. All y'all are smart so I doubt you need the format, but here it is:

Relationship Status:
History: (Optional, but perferred)
Family: (Optional)

Oh! And if you can't tell what this Rp is about, it's about Summer Romance! So you can take that however you want, as long as it falls under summer romance you guys can Rp it in this Rp(:

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 527 comments Mod
Name: Noella (Goes by Noel) Caodell
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: (without the piercing)
Personality: Noella is one of those people you'll either love, or hate; however most people chose to hate her. Yes, Noel does have plenty of friends, but she does have lots of hates, and doesn't know why. She loves life, her family, her friends, and any other living being. Noel is very bubbly, confident, and sweet.. until she gets around a guy she likes or has a crush on. Then she can be quiet, and suddenly go shy. And because of that, she hasn't had many boyfriends because they don't want to give her a chance.
Relationship Status: Single Pringle!
Crush: Shane?
History: Well, Noella doesn't like to share her past. SHe feels the past is the past, it can't be changed, so there's no point talking about it. She had a rough start on life, and because of that she does have some walls built up. The only person in the world that knows anything about her past, but Noella does wish that one day she'll be able to find a guy, be able to tell him everything, and afterwards he'd still like, or possibly love, her.
Other: Noella lives with her grandma, and Australian SHephard, Maggie. Her birthday is in three and a half months.

Name: Jason Kenai
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Jason can come off as the bad boy, or the guy that doesn't care. But deep down, he does csre, about a lot of things. He is very protective over his friends and anyone (or anything) else he loves. In highschool, he was the football star, and the 'player', but he doesn't want that title anymore. He wants a girl to settle down with, and accept him. In general he's pretty likeable, but he can be cocky at times. Oh, and of course, he's oh so sarcastic.
Relationship Status: Single, but wants that to change!
History: The only person that knows his history is him, and he won't share it with anyone. Jason even sometimes feels his past is what keeps his guard up, and keeps him from falling for the perfect girl. One day though, he might, just maybe, open up.
Other: Jason lives alone in a house. He is not close with his family, except for his cousin who he is constantly looking out for. Jason hasn't seen his parents in four years.

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Name: Shane
Age: 18
Gender: M
Personality: He is usually very friendly, but can be hostile and sullen when mad. Shane loves going to parties and hanging out with friends. He's very protective of his sister and is always looking out for her.
Relationship status: Single
History: He grew up in a big city until his dad died, then him, his sister, and mom moved. His mom didn't remarry because she didn't want to move on.

Name: Jaime
Age: 18
Gender: F
Personality: Unlike Shane she is very shy and quiet. She's alway trying to make everyone happy and tries keeping her big brother under control. Jaime's a book worm and isn't much of a partier.
Relationship status: Single
History: Same as Shane's

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Name: Jane
Personality:during the day she is kind, quiet, sincere, but during the night time she is a wild party girl.
Relationship Status: single.
Crush:Shane & Jason
History: (Optional, but perferred) grew up in Liverpool, England then moved here after her parents died in a chemical fire.
Family: (Optional)dead.
Other: has a albino ferret (white out)and a albino rabbit (starch)

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