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Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) New RP here:

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Chewy crossbow smilled as he reached redmount, Now he would kill halt or at least burn his house down

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Smash | 8 comments Kierra flew through the woods on her ebony stallion, her dark cloak flying behind her and her dark brown hair sprewn around her face. Her horse, shadow, jumped over a fallen log, flying through the air before landing gracefully. Kierras ruby red lips formed a smile as she felt the pounds of coins in her pockets, the money she had gained from her last kill. She pulled her horse to a stop and slid of her back, landing silently on the ground. She had no need to tie her horse up, for she knew the pet was loyal and would stay by her master. Kierra slipped a dark leather glove of her hand and reached into her pack, taking out the slip of paper that had been given to her the night before. All it had was a name, printing in black ink. She smiled, already eager to find her next target.

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Chewy Crossbow sighed, he wasn't there so he lit his torch and through it into the house.

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Morgan wandered the the forest. Normally she would be with her animal friends, but currently they were busy preparing for the change of season. Instead she had decided to try to find a suitable location to practice her longbow skills. She knew many didn't believe that it was suitable for a lady to use weapons, and because of this she had to resort to stealing a bow. She knew that this wouldn't score her any points with any Ranger, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) (Anyone on?)

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Smash | 8 comments ((Yea im on))

Kierra bit into a juicy red apple as she began to walk again, her ebony horse following silently behind her. They streaked through the forest, down a tiny path that lead to the city. Kierra turned and slid through a wall of vines, poking her head back through to signal her horse to stay. She continued down an earthy path that lead her to her home. It was a small home, made of a deep wood and covered almost entirely in ivy. It was crammed between several large tree's and had a second floor that was lifted off the ground. Kierra walked to her home and shoved the heavy door open, walking into her room at the far back. She washed her face in the small pail of water on her dresser and combed her hair, the dark choclate locks shining and smooth. Her deep emerald green eyes starred back at her as she continued to get ready for her ride into town. She slipped on her ruby red gown (http://www.dawnsmedievaldresses.co.uk...) and laced up her riding boots. She applied the faintest touch of makeup, her lips coated in ruby red color and her cheeks pink. She pulled on her cloak and walked back to her waiting horse, jumping on and galloping into town.

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Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) Olivia stopped before one of the stalls selling pastries. Her stomach growled, since Madam Apple-half had turned her out in the street she hadn't been able to find any work. No work, no money, no money, no food, which was why she was so hungry. She needed to find some work soon but no one would hire her without references. And Madam Apple-half refused to give her any after finding her best necklace had disappeared.
Olivia sighed, I guess I should be thankful Madam didn't turn me over to the guards. I just wish Jack hadn't run off with my share of the money from lifting the necklace. I did all the work after all.

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Smash | 8 comments Kierra rode through the busy streets, sitting high above the world on her dark ebony horse. She flicks her long chocolate hair over her shoulder, the lovely locks spilling down her back. Her deep ruby lips matched the color of her beautiful blood red gown. She gracefully slides off her stallion and hands his reins to a local stall boy, who looks at her with large eyes before scurrying away with shadow. She smiled at the people who walked by her, the grin seeming dangerous and beautiful at the same time. She grabbed an apple from a stand, throwing a golden coin behind her back. She continued on, pulsing with power.

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Smash | 8 comments ((hello?))

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Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) Olivia snapped out of her thoughts just in time to jump back from a tall black horse being lead away by a stable boy. Olivia grabbed a apple from the stall next to her, well the salesman was busy scrabbling for the gold coin the horses rider had thrown him. She had only caught a glimpse of a rich cloak before the rider disappeared down the street. I could use some gold coins at the moment. Hopefully this high born lady has never run into a pick pocket before. She laughed softly she probably had never even heard of a pick pocket. Olivia set off down the street making sure to blend in with the crowd.

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Smash | 8 comments Kierra slipped down a dark alley, the crumpled people on the ground starring up at her in wonder. She glared back and slid her jeweled dagger out of the lacing of her dress, the harsh jagged blade glinting in the sunlight. She laughed harshly as the people scurried back from her in fear and slid the weapon back under her dress, heading down the street. She reached a boarded up door and stopped, reaching into her boot.

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Mason | 388 comments Mod
Necco peeked through the hole in the boarded up door and looked at this person dressed so fancy.
I think she'll be good for money Necco though.

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