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message 1: by Amber (new)

Amber | 24 comments Mod
You asked I answered! Lets talk the BDB series. I hear they are AWESOME. Haven't gotten to them YET but plan to eventually.

Have you read any of the books? Like or not like? Why?
Who is your favorite character?
Who do you think is most like you?
Who do you think is least like you?

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather (crysta_1973) | 2 comments Read all the books. LOVE them, it's a great series, love the way JR Ward writes.
My fav character is Z, such a great story!!
Who do I like the most, well I'm a V girl but I also have a thing for Rehvenge!!
I would have to say I like Phury the least, he just doesn't do it for me.

If you haven't read these book, you MUST!!
Only 34 more days till the new book is out. I'm so excited!!

message 3: by Lorre (last edited Feb 22, 2012 06:18AM) (new)

Lorre BDB is my favorite series. Love it!
Why, because of the brothers stories, the way JR Ward writes... she makes her charachters come alive.
BDB is not just romance but action and suspence. Every book made me laugh more than once, but every book also made me cry.
My fav charachter is Z (although V, Wrath, Rhev are very close). I love all the brothers!
I guess I'm most like Welsie and I'm least like Fritz cause as a doggen he lives to serve others.

I agree with Heather, if you haven't read them, you must!!!

Kel (Faerie-bookworm) (faerie-bookworm) | 2 comments AWESOME series, the Brothers are so hot!!!

message 5: by Vicki (new)

Vicki (vicki_lp) | 5 comments Yes, love BDB. LOVE it! My favorite is definitely Zhadist.

message 6: by Kel (new)

Kel Pfeiffer | 5 comments LOVE the BDB - my favourite character would be V - BUT - Rhage with his beast does it for me too!
I don't think any are like me but i like the way Payne is :)

message 7: by Sheree (new)

Sheree | 11 comments I started this series in January I think, I am onto book 7 now & once I start a series I hate to stop, this was the series I had to read after I finished Night Huntress. Hmmm I love Z, his story had me, I love JM too, he's just awesome. Rhage was pretty cool too

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