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Eternal Werecat | 141 comments First blog post EVER. Hmm... where should I begin? I suppose I can explain my name. I have found on here that I am usually one of the older members in the groups I belong to (I'm 22) and truly care about the people I meet here, thus the Aunty status.

Went this morning (4pm here now) and got a part for my car so it can hopefully be repaired soon. Had a little vehicular bump-up one rainy night while driving home from work(pic on my profile), my first wreck ever. Came home and spent time on GR and also putting in applications to hopefully find a new job. Tired of making paychecks of only about $75 dollars a week, just isn't cutting it when I'm spending half of it on gas alone.

Killing time until work now. I work as a deli clerk at a grocery store and my shift is usually 3hrs long. At least I'll see my bf of 2.5 years there. He works there to in a different department but I'm always happy to see him.

Eternal Werecat | 141 comments Friday morning on March, well frankly I'm too lazy to check the calender.. Ooh wait, phone has the date. March 2nd.

Gonna have myself a busy day today. Spending most of it with the boyfriend, gonna be putting in applications, blah blah blah. Just had to teach my Kindle how to spell blah.

My car has been fixed thanks to my big little brother. KitKat now has a black fender and a new eyeball(headlight). Yes, I named my car. She is KitKat because she isn't a Mustang(drools) that I could name KITT, if anyone gets the Knight Rider reference I applaud you.

More hours at work next week. Means less time here and more money so I guess I can deal.
Excited by a lot of my rps, yes Astrid I'm talking about ours.

Must find breakfast now.

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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments which rp? the one with wizard or the pirate one? lol xD

Eternal Werecat | 141 comments Both. :-D

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Barbara (bkbsmiles) | 461 comments Werecat Queen Laney J wrote: "First blog post EVER. Hmm... where should I begin? I suppose I can explain my name. I have found on here that I am usually one of the older members in the groups I belong to (I'm 22) and truly care..."

Great first entry. It sounds like you are a caring person. It's good to see that your car is fixed.

Eternal Werecat | 141 comments March 15th. Car is being disassembled today for cheaper paint job. Just got a lecture about the cleanliness of my room. Sigh. This follows the decision I made with my father to clean up in my room at least a little while every Dad but mom didn't know this and made up a presentation with picture to help drive home the point that she thinks my room is "filthy" and how I need to be more like my younger sister.

I get tired of it. I get tired of being compared to my sister. My parents think she is just so perfect. I love her so much but I am sick of being treated like I will never measure up to how they old her.

Got a call back on an assistant teaching position for the summer. Yay! Hopefully it will be the first of many as my journey to find a new job continues. Must conclude this so I can begin work on cleaning my room. Til later......

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Barbara (bkbsmiles) | 461 comments That's good news about the call back on the assistant teaching position. Sorry to hear that your parents compare you to your sister because you aren't supposed to be her and she's not supposed to be.

Eternal Werecat | 141 comments April 17th

Sorry I have been so absent here, have been dealing with a lot of happenings in my life. Still at work at my grocery store job, still happily with my boyfriend of going on three years.

Several weeks ago, I lost my dad's mother. Things were tough for a while. She hit her head and was in a coma for a week before finally passing on. Just last week my mom's mother fell at work and broke her wrist. We're having to watch after her and help her walk.

Hopefully should be back active soon.

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I'm sorry for your loss and hope that your mother feels better soon!

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Eternal Werecat | 141 comments I simply must say something so something is out here. From now on I vow to try and save my stories somewhere online. Laptop crashed last week, hard drive is fried. *beats head on wall* Music? Pictures? Stories? Gone! Jump drive? Swallowed by the black abyss of whatever nonexistent creature has also eaten my mp3 player and my brand new headphones.

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Barbara (bkbsmiles) | 461 comments I am sorry to hear the news of your loss.

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Barbara (bkbsmiles) | 461 comments I can relate to losing things when something crashes. :( I hope you can somehow recover it.

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