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Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Discussions on Parts 10 -14 in this thread.

Please bear in mind,spoilers for this section of the reading may be found within.

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Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
I found this section of the book a bit depressing, and difficult to get through without falling into a comatose state.......with Pran and Bhaskar falling ill, the beatings of student protestors, The Pul Mela stampede clamity, The Zamindari's countless political hearings, and Mahesh and Mr.Kapoor implusively quitting their jobs: a decision that left their financial future bleak. And in the midst of all this bedlam, Savita goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl, instead of a baby boy that everyone fervently wanted. I mean, it was dissapointment, after dissapointment. I desperatedly wanted the story to go back and focus more on Maan's and Lata's romantic affairs.

As I reflect, I really didn't care too much for this section of the book;however, I did like the heart-felt letters that Lata and Mahesh wrote to each other.

I wondered what happened to Varun and Arun in all of this drama. They even didn't show up for the baby's delivery . They were totally MIA.

Meenakshi is supposedly pregnant and doesn't know whom it's by. Interesting. And Arun doesn't know a thing. I wonder how that situation will pan out.

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