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message 1: by Marik (new)

Marik Cayne | 5 comments has anyone here read and finished the fourth book of this series? If so, what was your favorite part?

message 2: by Marx (new)

Marx Leo | 66 comments yep, read it pretty much the week it came out.. I don't remember my favorite part anymore! I should probably read it again..

message 3: by Marik (new)

Marik Cayne | 5 comments haha, i read it about that time to. And its funny that you mention re-reading since that's what i'm doning. What did you think of the ending?

message 4: by Marx (new)

Marx Leo | 66 comments I didn't like the ending.. I mean what ever, I'll work with it because I love the series so much. It was very anticlimactic. I wanted it to be EPIC. It wasn't. But the whole book was pretty epic I'd say.

message 5: by Marik (new)

Marik Cayne | 5 comments I have to agree with you completely that the ending didn't satisfy me at all. After years of waiting, SPOILER ALERT: but howgalbatorix died and how Eragon left Algasia without Aria, I was a little disappointed.

message 6: by Marx (new)

Marx Leo | 66 comments ***SPOILER!!!*****

I mean I was expecting galby to die in a more passive aggressive way. Because I couldn't see Paolini ending it with Eragon stabbing him through the heart or anything. I kind of liked how Eragon out-witted him and in the end, but it all ended SO FAST. It seemed like Paolini didn't spend a lot of time on that part like he rushed though the most important part of all of the books that we've all been waiting for.

message 7: by Marik (new)

Marik Cayne | 5 comments SPOILER****

True, it did seem rushed. Although I was really hoping that Galbatorix was going to die with a bang, kind of like how Durza died, just more with magic then a sword.

message 8: by Jessica Simone (new)

Jessica Simone | 2 comments I agree, The ending was a bit of a dissapointment. I was so hoping for a romantic,epic ending to the love story that was arya and eragon and was so so so sad i never got it. the book was interesting, amazing but just a tad dissapointing for those of us who waited so long to get our arya/eragon happy ending.

message 9: by Marik (new)

Marik Cayne | 5 comments I suspected that he wasn't going to give us that perfect ending, but still i hoped for something a little more... i can't find the words for it but you know what i mean.

message 10: by Pete (last edited May 01, 2014 05:59AM) (new)

Pete (JaggedEdge03) | 4 comments ****SPOILER*****

the last thing said in the book was: "We are not alone, little one" - Saphira

Any thoughts on what it means or is it simply talking about the fact that there are two other riders and two other dragons with more on the way?

I personally want to believe it is foreshadowing what lies ahead or even that they are being followed perhaps by Murtie and Thorn.

Curious on what you all think.

message 11: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Reece | 4 comments The ending was an anti climax... I don't remember much of the fourth and it was probably my least favourite of the series..

message 12: by Pinkie (new)

Pinkie Eve (pinkieeve) | 1 comments Jordan wrote: "The ending was an anti climax... I don't remember much of the fourth and it was probably my least favourite of the series.."

Hey everyone, I'm new to this group! I personally really loved the first three books and before the fourth book came out, I was basically spending all my time re-reading the first three. When I finally got hold of Brisingr, I read it and hoping the ending was a good one. Sadly, it's not what I was hoping for. Hopefully, Chris will decided to write a sequel!!!!

message 13: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Reece | 4 comments I think he will continue in the world and maybe show Eragon/Arya again, but I highly doubt he'll continue with Eragon as the main character. It would be nice to think that that was referring to Murtagh and Thorn, but personally I think it's just expressing Saphira's joy that dragon riders will be raised again.

message 14: by Pete (new)

Pete (JaggedEdge03) | 4 comments Some people suggested that a fifth book would be pushing it, but rather instead Paolini should write a prequel series about the rise of Morzan and the forsworn and how Brom takes them down.

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