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What if Peeta hadn't survived?!
Erica Erica Feb 21, 2012 09:57AM
One of my favourite moments of this book was when Katniss and Peeta painted in her family book together. You realised as a reader that although their their feelings towards each other weren't the clearest, they needed each other. I suppose this relates to reality in a way, as when you have gone through a shared experience like Katniss and Peeta (or university, an attack, a disaster or lost someone close), its the bond you have with the other people that shard that exact moment or situation with you.

Although they have moments of closeness when they return to the capitol, they are never in a way that is anything but friendship and support. They are dependent on each other.

How do you think the story would have continued if *gasp* only Katniss had survived the first Hunger Games?

You can read the rest of my review here - would love to know your thoughts!!!

lsdfggtu4thndj;hfaoernguifoj#%^$^%@kldo!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE! I WOULD HAVE DIED! In my heart of course, not literally. BUT CLOSE ENOUGH! IT'S HORRIBLE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!

That would have been awful! Peeta's so perfect for Katniss. They balance each other out, in a way nobody else can.

The story would have lost it's heart. Peeta is somehow more emotional and "human" than Katniss and Gale are, and losing him would have been awful. I do think that Katniss would have gotten over it, as she didn't care that much for Peeta during the first games, but I still think that she would have been very sad. He was from her own District, after all, and she had known him a little all her life :)
That being said, I am SO GLAD that Peeta did not die in any of the books. For a while in Mockingjay I was pretty sure that he was going to die.

Sofia I agree with you.
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well, the rebellion wouldn't have happened- at least, not in the time frame it did. it seems like it probably would have still happened w/in katniss' life, though I don't know that she would have really been involved in it.

Dana I am not so sure Katniss is a fighter she would of taken her emotions out differently, yes she would of been heart broken but I think she would of fou ...more
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Then I would have cried!!!

Gale would probably propose to Katniss and it never would be the same. Haymitch would die in the Quarter Quel! Katniss would live in district thirteen and die of sadness. She wouldnt have anything to fight for anymore. In book one she had to stay alive. in book two she had to keep peeta alive. in book three she had to save peeta. hello, everything in the books revolves around PEETA! IF he want there the boks just wouldnt be the same.

i think things would be much more happy, if peeta was even born

Katniss probably wouldn't be the same. Peeta is part of her.

I think she would have gone into one of those depressions she had in Mockinjay. Because she took time taking care of this kid, and she actually did develop feelings for him, even if she didn't know it herself.
But she wouldve gone to live in the Victors Village with her family. Maybe eventually become like Haymitch?
Sad, lonely and depressed. I dont think she would've ended up with Gale. As she said, they're both fire. While Peeta was the opposite. Her calm dandilion.

I would not be living. Just kidding : ) But I think a lot of people would have to hire some therapists!!

I don't know if you've read Mockingjay, but it sounds like you have, but when she was making the metaphor with her and Crazy Cat. She is like Buttercup, and the flashlight is Peeta. In the end, nothing makes her more upset then when the flashlight is on the wall, unreachable, no matter what. It is out of reach and she will try to get it and cry out for it, but eventually she will get over it and move on with life. (what would happen if Peeta died) So yes, I think she would get on with life, it would be hard, but she was not like Peeta, who had no life aside from Katniss. Katniss had family and friends where as Peeta really only had Katniss by the second book. She could have turned to Gale, but I think he would feel not as like important to Katniss as Peeta was. Like in Mockingjay, Gale knew that Peeta was better for her. He knew he had no competition. And while Gale would comfort Katniss, I don't think he could give Katniss what she really needed.

Oh, I would have cried too! I came close enough with the revelation of Gale being responsible for the bombs that killed Prim. But Peeta validates Katniss. So he couldn't be killed off. Nobody wants a main character whose hard shell remains in tact throughout the entire story. Katniss had so many reasons to remain behind that shell. Peeta was the one who brought her out of it every time. Love Peeta!

It would be sad

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Ashlie said she wouldn't literally die, but I would!!!!!

S.J (last edited Feb 23, 2012 02:58PM ) Feb 23, 2012 02:58PM   0 votes
There would be no point to the other books. And i think katniss would have come to her senses about gale. She would have realized that he is crazy and would do anything to win the war, even if it meant blowing up prim. I know she would have came to this conulsion with or without peeta in the picture. Katniss can somtimes but a jerk, but she is not stupid(all the time).

then the districts would more than likely not have revolted and Katniss-oh Katniss- she would be heart broken, but then again he would never be tortured, so if he could choose i wonder what it would be. probably alive.

well Katniss would probably have ended up with Gale if Peeta hadnt lived. Katniss would have had her sister and her kids(eventually) and probably would ahve married Gale. She wouldnt have known different id Peeta died.

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i totally agree that regardless of their exact feelings for each other they shared some form of bond in which they relied on each other, one being a source of strength for the other. i think that their relationship adds a sense of hope to the story. it demonstrates that there's always something worth fighting for. if peeta had of died that sense of fighting for something would have been diminshed. peeta is intrinsic to the story as he is the human, real, compassionate, open hearted character. he represents that there is hope for humanity in the midst of such poverty and such atrosities. if peeta had of died that sense of hope would've been lost. For peeta to have died would've been like saying that the worst in humanity can always conquer the good and thats just a sucky situation.
also katniss needs peeta and i highly doubt that she would've been any form or leader of a rebellion, a mockingjay. i mean, she could fight for revenge but that would be a crap message too. revenge is not something good. love, friendship and the good in humanity are things worth fighting for, revenge is not.
peeta provides that sense that things like love and compassion will always endure the worst situations. peeta's death would've been total suppression by the Capitol and heaven knows they can't win so yay for peeta's survival.

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