Ruthless (The House of Rohan, #1) Ruthless question

anyone who has read this book, what do you think?
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Im just curious.

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I've been a fan of hers for a long time, so maybe I'm biased, but I think she's outdid herself as far as the historical romances she's written, with the Rohan series. I really loved this book.

Mistress I loved all the books in the series and can't wait for the latest. ...more
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I enjoyed this one and Shameless the most in the series. I agree with Dee that she does a good anti-hero. However, you can't be squeamish about some of the explicit scenes. Not considered a clean series. Decadent, yes. Porno, no.

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I loved this one. This was my first Anne Stuart and I absolutely loved the dark flawed characters and intense plot btw the hH. At present I am on the last book of the series and this remains my favorite.

I loved 'shameless' more than 'ruthless' but it is a good one, have to agree with the Delayne93's comment that its more like reading porn.
But i do like the series.
Why donn't they make movies out of these books:)


My favoirtes of the series wss Reckless and Shamless.

It was a good book but I actually liked the second book beter: Reckless. Perhaps it was my state of mind when I read Ruthless but I found it kind of depressing. Don't get me wrong I like Anne Stuart's books and I love romance with a Rake as hero, with the spinster virgin who tames him, but something was lacking here. I will definately continue reading the other books in the series though.

This whole series is a porno. That is what I think. But my favorite out of all of them is book three. That one is Bad-ass

I have all the books in this series and they are my favorite.

I just finished "Ruthless" yesterday. The first Anne Stuart that I've read. I really, really loved it -- I just couldn't put it down.

However, I thought the ending seemed a little rushed and over too quickly.

I'm getting ready to read "Reckless" next!

courtland wrote: "Im just curious."

I enjoyed this series immensely, it was raw!

I love her anti-hero's, I haven't found anyone better at writing them

Dee wow, I guess commenting on her anti-hero's (which is what she calls them) is negative...and it is totally not porno... ...more
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I've read the whole series...I really liked them. BUT I'm no expert.

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