The Luxe (Luxe, #1) The Luxe question

has anyone read the sequel to this book is it any good?
deleted member Feb 21, 2012 09:27AM
just wondering if i should read?

I've read them all, but I was sad on the last book :')

Haleigh Benson The ending to the last book pissed me off! Can't believe Diana did that! >_< ...more
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Raghda I enjoyed the Luxe series but the last book made me really sad.
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If you liked the first you will like the second IMO.

I thought the second book was much better than the first! Definitely more dramatic!

I think all the books were really good. The last one got me a little disappointed but then again I did not write it lol.

i am reading the sequels and it is amazing. you must read it

I've read the sequels, straight through, except Splendor because I took a break to read Tiger's Curse. I enjoyed both of them, especially Rumors. Definitely worth your time.

Read them all. And now I'm reading Bright Young Things. First book was alright for what it was in my opinion, and I love the time setting in that book. :3

The second one is amazing as well as the third one,but the last one I am afraid to say is quite the disappointment.

i just finished it. the ending was okay for me but i loved the series and all the drama that happened haha :) this series took me forever to reed cuz i couldn't find the books anywhere! haha

Agreed - it's a solid series. I actually read "Rumors", the 2nd book in the series, before picking up "Luxe." None of the books have disappointed yet!

Curious - how many of you who have read this series have also read the Gemma Doyle Trilogy books (A Great & Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, The Sweet Far Thing)?

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I have only read the first one and I didn't love it. I feel like the plot was too predictable and that as a consequence one already knows what's going to happen in the sequel. However, if you enjoyed the first one it's definitely worth giving the sequel a go!

I accidently read the books out of order, the First than the Third. Skipping the Second was no great loss, I was still able to follow the story just fine. The whole series seemed a little like a guilty pleasure to me but I did like them a lot. Pure entertainment the way a soap opera is. Super quick read and a good way to get lost for a little bit in the amazing details of early 20th centruy New York.

I agree that if you enjoyed The Luxe, you should experience the whole story. It's amazing. Personally, Rumors is my favorite installment of the series. I say go for it!

I read the entire series and loved them all...definitely worth it if you enjoyed the 1st book, you won't be disappointed :)

So far, i have read luxe and rumours. The second is thrilling and ends with even more suspence than the 1st. Unfortunatly, i don't have the 3rd, but have the last. Bummer :'(

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