Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Hate this book? :(
Abi Curtis Abi Feb 21, 2012 09:15AM
I Just cant understand why people would hate this book? I totally understand why collins did everything in it.... To me it prooves that even the stongest people are broken by war, but still katniss showed her strenghth by shooting Coin. In real life nothing happens to keep people happy. Terrible things happen, and in the moment you dont gave time to mourn them. I thought Collins wrote the book amazingly and really showed the effects war can have, just as she said she would. Even though the first time I did burst into tears and threw the book across the room.... Lol!
What do you guys think? x

Sure, you want to hate it, but it's REAL. That was SC's point, you can't control what happens in war, you got it right, even the toughest of them all will be broken by war. In war you can't control what happens, who dies, *sob* Finnick!! But, she did a good job of getting her point across. When Finnick died, you felt like you lost a brother or good friend, or boyfriend ; ) And when Prim dies, you feel as if she was your sister. When Peeta gets hijacked, you felt as if a part of you died, when Gale leaves, you feel rejected, and disappointed, when Johanna gets tortured, you feel her pain, the fear of ever stepping foot in the rain, or a shower, see? You experience the pain, the hurt, the tears, SC created this, wanting you to wish Finnick came back, wishing there was more details, to leave you hanging, angry at what happened with the war, wanting Katniss to rescue everyone.

Hate would be natural. Your reaction was her goal!

But, I loved it. I think it was real, in that in the end, it had a happy note, but yeah, everyone died, pretty much, but life went one. Whatever happened, District 12 was their home...

Rebekah H. But that's just it. I didn't hate the book, per se, I hated the slapdashed ill-planned execution. One of my favorite novels, Les Miserables, everyone ...more
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1984 and Brave New World did it so much better.

I thought Mockingjay was terrible-or at least the second half. This was entirely due to the writing, which seemed like it was rushed for a deadline. (I'm a writer and I know that deadlines are demonic-but you can't let them run all over you) It also focused more on the poorly developed "love triangle," which was a mistake.
A few points to give my overall impression:
Annie (who if you recall, was crazy) takes her husband's death with no murmur, yet Katniss dissolves into a typical whiny female character, who is manipulated by others instead of standing for herself. Sure, bad things happened to her, but they happened to everyone else. Laying down and dying is not a solution. Collins is a TV writer, and while weak characterization holds up on a screen, it doesn't work in a book.
And the President Snow thing? The book tried to *gasp* pull back and remind us about the evils of war and violence, while forgetting that there are things worth fighting and dying for. War is bad, duh, and it can corrupt people, but people do a pretty good job corrupting on their own.
Bottom line-the writing washed away, and left us all with a mildly relative ending to the Capital, and no clear lines of write and wrong. Underwhelming.

deleted user but it was a happy ending
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i think this was a great book with a good message only our favorite character peeta got hijacked

It was a book with a great message, but mediocre execution. I have no issue with quickly killing off main characters and moving on in a story, but poor character development kept me from being emotionally attached. Prim's death is a perfect example. I should feel more than, 'aw, it's too bad such a young girl died.' I should feel grief that I lost a little sister. I don't, because the character wasn't given enough attention to develop into that role.

I did hate this book. It was inadequate, the heroine did nothing to win my symphaty and seemed shallow and childish. When others pointed out her faults, she would throw a temper tantrum! There wasn't a real change in her, there wasn't growth. Throughout the whole series she seemed cold and egoistic.
Other thing - half-way through the second book she "suddenly realizes" that she couldn't live without Gale, because, look, he can't have a girlfriend! And 10 pages before THE END OF THE SERIES they break up and, oh see, a paragraph before THE VERY END she again REALIZES that,wait, no! Actually PEETA was her great love. The ending felt so hurried, like the author herself wanted to just get it over and be done with it. A really REALLY terrible ending.

It was soooo good but it made me cry!!!!!! ;( I can't believe PRIM dies!!!!!

hathatehate it soooooo much *sob sob sob* FINNICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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how can you hate this book?!?!!?!
the only part that i didn't like was the ending...i thought that it was just like she couldn't think of anything and she wanted to end the series so they have kids and bam done! but other then that this book was amazing as was the whole series

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