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Deborah Lynne Deborah Feb 21, 2012 07:51AM
My daughter got me to start reading Tess Gerritsen's series books (Rizzoli and Isles). She was loving them. We both watch the TV series. Well I started reading book 1 and found out Tess knows details when it comes to medical terms. Also found the TV character Jane Rizzoli, is different from the book character...a little bit. But both are great. I truly enjoyed the read and started book 2. I do love series books cause you get to know the characters well, and as a reader you feel a part of them as they grow. I'm proud to say my book, Be Not Afraid (1st in my Samantha Cain Mystery series is getting a face lift. My publisher picked up book 2 Testimony of Innocence and loved it too. To see the new look, look at my web site . I loved Dee Henderson's O'Malley series and Jill Elizabeth Nelson To Catch a Thief series.

So sad about the death/suicide yesterday of Leigh Taylor Young, Lt. Frost on the Rizzoli & Isles TV show. He will be missed.

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I loved all the books in the Rizzoli & Isles series. I will admit to skipping over a little bit of the medical jargon. However, the story lines were gripping and I had to keep reading to find out how things ended. Right now, I am resting the series so that I can read them again a little later.

Been waiting to start with Lisa Gardner. Guess, this is a good time. Any recommendation which one to read first?

I loved the books but I don't really like the show. It gets away from the real story from the books.

Tess Gerritsen is a physician. Her books are great. I also like Lisa Gardner and Alex Kava.

I, too, love Tess Gerritsen's books. I was disappointed that the show doesn't follow the books, but I guess I should be used to that.

However, I didn't enjoy the last 2 Rizzoli & Isles books as much as the earlier books.

just started this series finished the surgeon and on book two the apprentice I love these books so far, I get caught up right from the start I hope it stays that way and does get predictable like so many others do.

I just love Kathy Reich and Tess Gerritsen books. I do agree that Kathy Reichs books are better than the tv show. I have read all of Kathy reichs books. Love them all.

I think I might be in the minority here, but when it comes to Reichs, I find the Bones television series to be better than the books. I started off watching Bones and wanted to see how it compared with the books. Reading the books I felt as if I was reading something geared toward young adults, something along the lines of Nancy Drew, especially with the way she goes rushing into situations before thinking them through. I find the overly analytical tv character to be more enjoyable. Gerritsen's books, on the other hand, I think surpass the television series, which I find enjoyable.

N.P. Statham Same, I also had a bit of trouble really getting into the Kathy Reichs books after watching the show, specially in the first few books I find the timi ...more
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I read the books first and LOVED them all and was very disappointed by the TV show. The TV Rizzoli's quite a good reflection of the book. But Maura Isles is way different and doesn't do it at all for me.

Dee I completely disagree - Rizzoli is supposed to be this short Irish-American with frizzy hair...that is nothing like Angie Harmon's character...Angie w ...more
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I love these books they are awesome I am eagerly awaiting the next books!

Just finished the Surgeon and really enjoyed it. The characters are good, and yes Rizzoli is different to the TV series, but both are tough no nonsense characters. Missed Maura from the TV series but hope she will eventually appear.
Another name to add to the mix is Maureen jennings with the Murdoch books set in Toronto in the 1890's. Saw thwe TV series first then found the books. Just finished the fourth in the series. The books are certainly grittier than the TV series but i enjoy both.

i have read nine of the ten rizzoli and isles books.....they are all good ....the bone garden was a little on the different side but they are all good reads.....i have read all the current hot series i guess you could say.....TWILIGHT....HUNGER GAMES....DRAGON TATTOO GIRL.....RIZZOLI AND ISLES by tess gerritsen......have read 34 of the 36 j.d.robb all of john sanfords two series except for the current one.....have read the womans murder club by james patterson......except for 12...three of the private series......have read all of sue graftons kinsey milhone books except for the latest one....W.....have read nineteen janet evanovich stephanie plum books.....which i highly recommend if you havent read them....they are hysterical......reading series gets you into characters.....and interested in them...

The Surgeon was the first book of Tess Gerritsen that I read and I was hooked!

I loved the 1st 2 books of the Rizzoli & Isles series of books. I actually watched the TV series before I read the book and I must say the books are actually better than the books. I've also read the 2 short stories as well, which I think would have been better as episodes for the TV series.

Kathy Reichs books aren't too bad either - the TV show bones is VERY loosely based on them, I think the books are better

I am hoping this will be another book and tv series where I love both. It has only ever happened once before, with Sookie Stackhouse and TrueBlood. So far I have only read the books. I just finished book 5. My impression of the tv series is that Maura and Jane will be closer friends than in the books. I would have assumed the relationship would have progressed faster. Anyone else feel this way?

LOVE these books - hate the tv show.
Tess is a terrific writer and I always look forward to her new releases.

I love the book series as well as the show. Like you, I started watching the show first so it was kind of a shock to see the differences. I treat them as two different worlds. I can't read the books while the show is airing. I wait until it's between seasons. I'm on book 6, The Mephisto Club, now. They keep getting better and better. I think Body Double was my favorite though.

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I love the fact that Tess Gerritsen, being a medical doctor, is able to make her books so much more real than most of us could ever hope to do, even with months of research. I think she's one of the best writers of the twentieth century.

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