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#1 Inspirational Mystery

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Creston Mapes We offered the Kindle version of NOBODY free Feb. 17-19 and 60,000 copies were downloaded. It locked in at #1 of all free downloads. Since kicking it over to Paid ($2.99) it has become the #1 Inspirational Mystery in the Amazon Kindle Store. It is the #4 Religion/Spiritual book in the Amazon Kindle Store. My other two novels, DARK STAR and FULL TILT are also flirting with the Top 100 Inspirational Mysteries. Thanks for reading. Creston Mapes

message 2: by Creston (new)

Creston Mapes Right now the eBook version of NOBODY ranked in Amazon's Kindle Store as follows:

#1 Inspirational Mystery
#4 Religion/Spirituality
#7 Thriller
#20 of all eBooks

Excited for you guys to read and share.
Creston Mapes

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