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message 1: by Matthew (last edited Feb 22, 2012 12:01PM) (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 277 comments Mod
First Name:

Last Name:


Appearance:(Pic or description)
Skin Tone:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Distinct Features:

Personality:(at least two sentences)




Animal Theme:



message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily First Name: Sage

Last Name: only Sage

Age: 17

Appearance: http://media.otakuzone.com/store/user...
Height: 5'9"
Weight:129 lb
Skin Tone: pale
Eye Colour: Dark gray
Hair Colour: Dark black almost purple
Distinct Features: weird purple tatoos up her arm

Personality: Sage isn't all that friendly. She sticks to herself and doesn't bother with others. Sage can be very cruel and is not afaid to poison you.

Family: Doesn't care about them

History: Doesn't like to talk about it.


Animal Theme: Black Panther

(Optional)Familiar: ?

Specialty: Dark magic

ȘᎯɱᎯɴτħᎯ (sunsetspree) First Name: Christa
Last: Doesn't have one
Gender: F
Age: Her real age is 1,269
Height: 5"3
Weight: 129
Skin: Pale caucasian
Eye: Cat eyes, glittering green
Hair: Blonde
Distinct: Her warlock mark is her cat eyes
Personality: Christa usually acts all sunny and happy but if you know her or if she knows her cover won't work you see her as a very dark and twisted personality in ways. She loves to mess around and use sarcasm but for living so long and understanding mundanes and the downworld she turns out quite caring. Of course she won't show it.
Family: Her father was a demon and her mother a mundane. Both dead
History: She's very open about it. But it's a long story.
Other: She prefers to be called a warlock. Living so long she has seen the truth of this plane and that there are different species of warlocks and witches and magical kind. Her kind is a species that deal with the Nephilim and the downworld.

Animal Theme: ? I guess you could say a cat.

ȘᎯɱᎯɴτħᎯ (sunsetspree) ((Specialty: Dark Magic! I'll add that if I ever get on the comp))

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