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Laurie Bellesheim (goodreadscomlauriebelle) | 6 comments Hello reviewers :) My novel, Surviving Emily, was released in September 2011 and published by Dog Ear Publishing. Surviving Emily is partially based off an event that happened in my life when I was a teenager & the story holds great meaning to me. I would love and appreciate any help in getting a few more reviews so that I can continue to spread the word about my book. My novel is now available as a paperback and eBook. If anyone is interested, (and I'm not sure what the preference is here), I can send you a code from Smashwords so that you can download a free copy of the eBook version. Or I can send a PDF. Feel free to read more about the book or myself on my website: Thanks!!! Laurie

Laurie Bellesheim (goodreadscomlauriebelle) | 6 comments Thanks, Kerdie! :)

Laurie Bellesheim (goodreadscomlauriebelle) | 6 comments Hi Kerdie,

That sounds great! Thank you for responding. Are you okay will an ebook? How should I contact you with a Smashwords code? Cool blog by the way :)

Alice Dinizo (JBDiNizo) | 38 comments Hi,
As a reviewer for ReadersFavorite I would be happy to read your book in pdf format. You can just send it to my email,
Thanks, Alice D

Laurie Bellesheim (goodreadscomlauriebelle) | 6 comments Thank you, Alice! Much appreciated! :) I will send it to you today. Where do you post your reviews? Thanks!


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Shalena (shalenado79) | 7 comments I'm very interested in reviewing!!! Ebook would be great since I have a Kindle Fire! Here is my email... or I am on smashwords.

Laurie Bellesheim (goodreadscomlauriebelle) | 6 comments Thank you, Shalena! That would be great!!! Thanks for responding :) I will email you the Smashwords coupon code.

Laurie Bellesheim (goodreadscomlauriebelle) | 6 comments Shalena wrote: "I'm very interested in reviewing!!! Ebook would be great since I have a Kindle Fire! Here is my email... or I am on smashwords."


I just wanted to check & see if you received my email with the Smashwords Coupon Code. It expires soon and I wanted t omake sure you got it free - if you need me to extend it, just let me know. Thanks Again!

Laurie :)

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