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What Happened to Cass McBride?
This topic is about What Happened to Cass McBride?
Cass McBride

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Megrandel | 2 comments Mod
Recently, in the news we have been horrified by the reported child abuse that occurred not far from our school. We talked about this on Friday and I did a book talk on the subject, as well as, brought the newspaper in.

I don't think any of us can imagine what that young girl has been through. I also don't think any of us could fathom what it would feel like to wake up, buried alive, by an unstable young man (kyle) who blames you for the death of his brother. I think the most startling question would be, "WHAT'S NEXT?"

Imagine Cass does make it out alive. Do you think her world will change? Do you think her personality will change? What types of things could she do to get help? Is there any chance of a normal life? What would you do? What would you tell a friend to do?

Try to answer all the questions above in a response. Your response should be AT LEAST seven sentences long.

This is an assignment. What you post gets e-mailed to me and IS GRADED! If you are interested in extra credit...RESPOND to another person's post!!!!

message 2: by Perla (new)

Perla Dominguez | 2 comments I think she might change a little , but at the same time she going to realize how mean she was with everyone. If she want to get out of that box she could probly make a hole? If that can help.. But anyway .. I guess there is a chance of normal life because one like if you do something wrong in the first place, I guess ,aybe later on your going to have a second chance. But you only live once. What I do is ... be good to everybody and not be mean because I dont want to go through like Cass Mcbride. I would tell my friend the same thing. (:

message 3: by Greta (new)

Greta | 2 comments I think Cass McBride's world will change because most people know what she did to Kyle's brother David. And I don't think many people will like her. I think her personality will def. change because of how she acted towards David and a lot of people know that and i think she won't be full of her self. I think she will not have so many friends because of the way she treated half of them. I think she should get like a therapist to help her from all of this stuff that she has been through with David and Kyle. Or she should probably apologize to all those people that sh was so stuck up on and mean to. I don't think she will have a normal life because of the way she treated David Kirby. Many people would know of this and they probably don't like her because she is a stuck up person and she doesn't really care about other peoples feelings. And because she might get treated differently by others when or if she gets out of the box from Kyle. I think if i was in a box for a long time from a guys brother i think i would probably want to be homeschooled because i don't want some people to make fun of me. And mostly just see a therapist and probably just delete my facebook account so people wouldn't say crap. I would tell my friend it's their choice of what they wanted to do and i would support them along the way. If they didn't want to get made fun of, then i would tell them to delete their facebook account and maybe try homeschooling.

message 4: by Jose (new)

Jose pichon (Josepichon) | 2 comments she has to change but it depends on her because some person goes to the same sittuaion but the don't change and if they feel different they well change.

message 5: by T (new)

T  MAC | 2 comments I think Cass world will not change at all because she is going to be terrified for the rest of her life. Her personality will be shy in school. If she needs help she needs to speak up cuz if you dont shes going to stay like that for the rest of her life. I would go tell someone and have him take an lie detector test BUSTED GOT YO A**

message 6: by T (new)

T  MAC | 2 comments Perla wrote: "I think she might change a little , but at the same time she going to realize how mean she was with everyone. If she want to get out of that box she could probly make a hole? If that can help.. But..."


message 7: by Antony (new)

Antony | 2 comments I think she is going to think or act different when or if she comes out of the box.

message 8: by Darrell (new)

Darrell Davis | 3 comments If cass gets out alive she might change her life that is if she gets out. Kyle is a sick guy how can one note make somebody want to hang themself i understand why david would kill himself only thing is he was dipen and diving the note was not even for him it was about him in a mean way. If my brother went and killed him self i would be hurt by the fact that he killed himself but i won't go and put someone in a box and burie them i would move on with it. Here is how i see it david killed himself cause he saw the note that cass made about him, cass was put in a box
undergound because kyle blames her for the death of his brother, and ben gots kyle cause he thinks kyle buried cass in the box undergound.

message 9: by Aranza (new)

Aranza | 1 comments i think that cass will change a little bit, but not as much as she shoudl. when people are like her they tempt to stay the way they are, they care so much about their looks and their ego is so big. i htink she will change but like change as in be nicer to certain people or make people think she is " nice" and she will keep things to her self. her personality will stay the same she is still gona be the brat she always has. if i was her friend i would try and help her change as much as possible be nicer, make her not worry so much about what people think of her.

message 10: by Judy (new)

Judy Zaldivar | 2 comments If Cass comes out alive I think she will change a little bit in a good way, and a bad way. She's going to realize how mean she was with most people, she's probably even going to regret doing all that. But, since what happened to her, i think she's going to be more of a calm girl. I also doubt she's going to trust people like before.

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