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Why was Parker not registered?
Beck Beck Feb 20, 2012 08:33PM
Towards the end when she tries to call Parker and tries to get his number, she calls and the lady says there is no Parker Whalen...why is that?

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The answer in the companion book Collateral Damage .. it is soo good

Most cops phones are unlisted. safety precaution. although they did not say that in the book. I would assume thats why his number was not listed.

Guys, you all should check the companion book of Cross my heart, Collateral Damage. It's the story retold in Parker's POV. And a lot of things you didn't get is explained, including Parker's phone # :)

I don't really know, and hadn't thought about this till now!

fake name

That's a good question. He didn't have a fake name so it can't be some kind of mix up... now you've got me thinking! I have no idea, and I've never though of that before... hrm.

Harman it must have been a fake phone number then
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i think it was a fake #, but i read the book a long time ago. Didn't he have a fake name? I don't remember.

he might have chosen to be unlisted or he might not have had a land line and just had a cell which case he would not be listed.

I would think being undercover he would not have a phone. Other than a cell but never gave that out - for obvious reasons - not even to the girl. good book though.

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