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Lexi | 14 comments This is a story about all the Glee characters kids in the future. for this to work, Beth is 16 but that doesn't mean all the other characters had kids when Beth was born plus she has a younger brother. also Artie was married but his wife died so he is raising is only son alone. Also Finn is married to Quinn's cousin Ashley (she looks like Carrie Underwood). Lastly Brittany and Santana each had a sperm doner and had their own kids. Kurt, Kurofosky, Sebastian, Blaine had a surgate mom for their kids (one surrogate per couple).

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Lexi | 14 comments Rachel and Noah Puckerman-
Andrew (Drew)-17

Joe and Quinn Hart-
Lucas (Luke)-18

Brittany and Santana Lopez-
Eliana Pierce (Ellie)-15
Valerie (Val)-17

Kurt and Dave Karofosky-

Sebastian and Blaine Anderson-

Artie Abrahams-
Joeseph (Joey)-16

Sugar and Rory Flanaggan-
Cassidy (Cass)-17

Sam and Mercades Evans-
Skylar (Skye)-18

Shelby Cocran-

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Lexi | 14 comments Relationships-

Beth and Brayden
Darren and Monica and Valerie
Eliana and Ethan
Aidan and Skye
Spice and Jordyn (Lesbians)
Amelia and Liam
Cody and Colbie
Hunter and Ava
Andrew and Cassidy
Josh and Johnathan (Gay)
Lucas and Caroline
Joey and Blair
Kendall and Devon
Audrey and Evan

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Lexi | 14 comments Teachers-

Rachel- co glee club coach
Finn- co glee club coach
Noah- math teacher
Brittany- co cheerios coach
mercades- co cheerios coach
Quinn- Guidence Counsler
Kurt- Drama Coach
Sam- co football coach
Dave- co football coach
Sebastian- co warbler coach
Blaine- co warbler coach
Rory-History Teacher
Sugar- Librarian
Ashley- art teacher
Joe- Leader of the Celibacy Club
Santana- Principal of McKinley High School

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Lexi | 14 comments Eliana's POV-

I couldn't be pregnant, I told myself as i ran down the hall from Cheerios practice to be sick for a third time this week. after throwing up i decided to take a trip to Aunt Quinn's office.

"Hey Ellie, come in." she said as i walked in.

"Can i ask you something?"

"sure, what do you need?"

"You had Beth when you were 16 right? and gave her up for adoption?"

"Yeah, I knew i couldn't take care of her on my own and Rachel was dating Puck and Finn was in love with Rachel so giving her up was my best option. why do you ask?"

"I, umm... i think I might be pregnant" i said looking down. tears started streaming down my face.

"Are you sure?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah, Ethan and I have been dating for a year now and we kind of got drunk at Hunter's party last month and you know."

"okay, i hoped i wouldn't need this for a family member but take this, right now to make sure." she said pulling a pregnancy test from her desk.

"Can you come with me?" I asked hopefully.


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Lexi | 14 comments Please read and comment. say you love it or give me CONSTRUCTIVE critisism on how to make it better. if i made a mistake please let me know.

hope you like it :)

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Lexi | 14 comments As we were walking down the hall to the bathroom someone called my name.

"Ellie! Eliana!" I turned aroumd when I realized it was one of my moms, Santana.

"hey, mom." I said turning around.

"hey sweetie, whats are you doing out of cheerios practice?"

"she wasnt feeling well so I told her she could stay with me until practice was over. I hope thats okay."

"Yeah, no problem Q. Thanks for taking care of her. Are you all right sweetie?" She asked turning toward me.

"yeah, just a little headache, but I ll be fine thanks."

"Ill see you guys tomorrow." Just before turning the corner she made a motion for me to go to the bathroom.

"Mom, I have to go to the bathroom ill meet you and mom in the gym. Practice should be over by now."

"okay sweetie." She said before I turned the corner to find aunt Quinn.

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Lexi | 14 comments Spice's POV-

After cheerios practice I quickly put my hair down and went to find Jordyn, she should be out of the celibacy club meeting by now. Luckily she was,she was standing outside the door of the cafeteria.

"hey babe." Jordyn whispered quietly.

"shh!" I exclaimed not wanting anyone to hear her.

"sorry I forget that I have to hide my girlfriend from the entire world." She said quietly and sarcastically in my ear.

"you amd I both know what would happen if we told everyone that we were dating." I said unlocking the door and slipping in the back kitchen door. I put my hands around her waist and gave her a kiss.

"yeah, we would be forbidden to date each other and possibly become the laughing stock of the whole school." She said out of breath from the kiss.

"Im sorry it has to be this way but maybe one day we can be like santana and brittany, with our own little family. If its any constallation, I love you." I said.

"I love you too. We should get outta here though my moms going to be here soon. "

"okay, ill see you tomorrow same place and time." I watched my girl friend leave before I stumbled out of the kitchen knocking over a large tray and bolting before anyone saw me.

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Divanna | 6 comments I like the connections that you made between all the of the New Directions members' children. I like this a lot. :)

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