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The Monarchs: A Poem Sequence

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The Monarchs: A Poem Sequence by Alison Deming is an easy read. It is written like a poem so it flows easy- it is also a Lyric type book, so it does jump from topic to topic at points in the book, sometimes the jumps were easy to follow and sometimes they made no sense to me- this book also adds a science writing to it, where it brings in science facts that helps to connect the jump of topics and just to inform and help the story flow.

I like this book even thu I did not understand some of the jumping around and why it was in the book. I liked the easy reading flow and a lot of the scientific facts she brought into the book.

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Willour The Monarchs: A Poem Sequence by Alison Deming is a very interesting book. It flows like one large poem, and jumps from many different topics, but it is beautifully written. Deming likes to take her readers on journeys though nature, which makes you appericate how happy you are to be alive. Monarch's helps readers realize how connected humans are to all living things on Earth.

message 3: by Erin (new)

Erin Uhrick Deming's poetry paints you a picture within every section. She is very descriptive and enjoys giving the reader an image to work off of. She includes scientific facts throughout the book which for me, made the poems even more interesting. It made learning new knowledge fun and easy by her careful interwoven poems. However, the different sections of her poems didn't always correlate, or I must have missed some of those relationships. But she did always bring the attention back to the monarch butterflies. Deming also put in other people's philosophical quotes throughout the mix and that gave you break from trying to match poem to poem. I found the book to be very intelligently written. I could relate to her topics of love, and the way she phrased things were inspirational. "You live for the experience of living."

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Chuck Wayman I really do not know what I thought of the book. I am not a fan of poetry, but the scientific facts that are interwoven in it made it more bearable to me. This book is more of a poetical lyric essay and the randomness in her jumping around quite literally confused the heck out of me.

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