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 Faith Noelle Smith Hey guy's! It's Faith here, and yes.. I finally got around to making a writing topic! *Claps for self* In this writing topic their could be anything from short stories to chapter book's to book reviwe's. I hope you enjoy! Comment's and feedback would be very useful!

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Yay!! I can't wait to read your writings!

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 Faith Noelle Smith Posting now...

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 Faith Noelle Smith Murderer

I am running. From what? Away from him and away from the memories; I don’t dare look back. I am the survivor, and he, my enemy. I am Kelly Jenson, fourteen years old. I am running from the man who killed my father.
He was only thirty-two, too young to die. I have no other family now, just me; I know I can’t stop. I know that if I do he will kill me as well. He kills out of fear and my mother taught me to never show fear, mask it. That’s how you'll escape.
I don’t know where to go; I just know that if I keep running, I will be safe. I finally take a rest at the end of a hollow tree. I hear the crackling of leaves under the shoes of him. Looks like time to bolt. Now is the time to hide my fears because he's getting close. I feel the tears rolling down my cheeks; I know now is not the time so I wipe them away quickly. I hear the words in my head, 'Mask your fears and you'll be fine.' repeating themselves over and over. I hear a wisp of wind from the bullet that just flew past me. Now I know he's armed! Yikes. I start sprinting though the forest; I feel my heart trying to beating against my chest but all I can do is not ever look back and keep running. Branches and thorns are cutting me everywhere, but I can’t worry about that now. Just mask my fear and run.

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 Faith Noelle Smith I'm disabled

I’m Faith, and I was born at 26 week’s early and I’m different, you just don’t see it on the outside, and it’s the inside that matters. By different, I mean… I’m disabled. I might not look it on the outside but, I am and I have the doctor records to prove it. I have CP which mean’s I have Cerebral Palsy. No, you can’t “catch it” from me or from a other person with CP, it just means that my muscles on the right side of my body are effected to where it’s harder for me to use the right side rather than my left, I can still use those muscles it’s just like I said before, a lot harder . I also have R.O.P thankfully I didn’t have retinal detachment in both eye’s but do in one so, I’m legally blind in one eye it still doesn’t stop me from following my dreams, I still go to public school and I also have a job, and play the Viola. Being a disabled kid and being a teen (13) is hard, watching the other’s make fun of you not and not really abled to stop it. That’s why I’m thankful for everyone who understands how hard it is, I mean having a doctor’s appoint every month, and going to PT (Physical thairipie) I just wish more kids knew what it feels like to be disabled. Sometimes I really do wish I wasn’t and could be normal like all my friend’s but then I remember god made me this way, he knows I can get through it. I am wrote this to open the eyes of other’s to show them what it’s like and how it feels. Questions?

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 Faith Noelle Smith Wreckage.

Speeding, into the horizan.
Dreaming of the siren's, wishing for her broken glass
on the highway,it could be so easy.
The rhythm, rhythm of an engine alway's makes me empty.
I see the headlights coming at me, I can't help but wonder...
Flying in slow motion, wind though my hair and ripping though the scenery, *pause* oh, the wreckage, it is my secert neeed.

Note: From the song called: The wreckage

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 Faith Noelle Smith Fly

lonely and sad my mood again swings
with a wish that if I had wings
in a flash I would fly
high and high in the sky

happy and free in the clouds
where glee and joy knew no bounds
to a land unknown of grief and dismay
and make my heart feel happy and gay
where anger and frown never stayed a while
and faces around were glued with a smile

but in my head now i hear a scream
its time to come out of the dream
into the world full of bodies without a soul
and in their hearts a deep dark hole

this is nothing but a pity
that now I’am back into reality
with no clouds around and no wings
stress and boredom is all that stings

lonely and sad now I silently cry
I wish I had wings and I could fly..!!!

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 Faith Noelle Smith Thank's. I'm posting more later.

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 Faith Noelle Smith You don’t see what you want to see; you see what you have to see. You don’t hear the words you want someone to speak; you only hear what words leave their lips. You don’t go through the things you want; you go through the thing’s the lord thinks you can handle. You don’t meet the people you want to meet; you meet whoever crosses your path, and hope something goes right. Your life can be what you want it to be, or it can be something totally different.

message 10: by Roxey15 (new)

Roxey15 | 14 comments I like that last one XD
Are you writing anymore about the first one? I now want to know what is going to happen to her...

message 11: by Hope (new)

Hope Did you write that by yourself, Faith? Sounds unlike you, that last passage.

Very inspirational.

message 12: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith @Roxey15: I can if you would like, haven't really thought about it but, alot of people said I should so, I guess I will.

@Hope: Yeah, why?

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 Faith Noelle Smith More coming soon

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 Faith Noelle Smith Short story:

I walk out into the rain, tears running down my face, my makeup smeared, and I turn right onto Canyon drive and just look straight ahead. When I finally get to the door of my mother’s house, I don’t knock I lay down on the cold stone of her porch and cry. I’m crying cause my life is over, I just watched my best friend commit suicide. I tried to help her but she wouldn’t let me, she told me to sit and watch, that there was nothing I could do so, that’s what I did. Now I’m here, on my mother’s porch the tears hot and salty fall into my hand, all I know now is that I must not tell a single soul, if I do she will find me, if I do… I will be dead too.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I really like it, but I need more detail and background.

Why did the character's best friend commit suicide? Why did she make the charrie watch her? Why will the charrie die if she tells anyone? If you answer these questions, I have a better idea of whats happening in the story.

But its a really cool concept and its a really good springboard to work with!

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 Faith Noelle Smith Ah. Well, thank you, Amara. I'll work on it, probably later to night.

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I think that its really really good, though, as all of your writing usually is. But it just left me with some questions, which I wasn't sure that you wanted to leave the reader with or not. ^^'

message 18: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith I really didn't knoow where I was going with it either, I was listenig to this really sad song that left me thinking some things, so I truend it into that, nah, my writing not that great, Hope's is better.

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Ahh. I really like your writing!

message 20: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Your one of the few, but thanks. It means alot.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Words on paper

I sit in my room, music playing in the background thinking, what have I done? How in the world am I going to fix this? Then it comes to me, I might not ever be able to. What I did was unthinkable, and I’m sorry for everyone I hurt in the process. I’m Angle I’m 14 and I just ruined my life now I know it sounds stupid but it’s true. I lost everyone I love, I have no one left and it’s all my fault. It’s not as simple as everyone thinks, I didn’t cheat on someone, I didn’t fail all my classes, I didn’t hide a boyfriend from my parent’s I lied for at least two years straight about something now I consider as stupid, even though it wasn’t at the time. It’s like when you want to write a book, but the book ever as an ending point, well that’s what I did, but for two years then… my book had an ending point, my dad found out. Now think of it, you lying to everyone you love for two years, going on and on about something that wasn’t true; and then just one day your dad finds out what you’ve been hiding; it would suck and well… It did. So now you think, where do you go from here? What will you do now? Well, I’ll tell you this it’s not easy trying to fix your life, and I mean it will get harder, and what I did and why I did it I haven’t figured it out yet but, I’m working on it. It’s just sometimes being a teen and all isn’t as fun as people thought it would be, it’s a lot of work and then you do something stupid and your whole life gets turned around by the one thing you think you’d never have people find out, the one thing you would never have to stop well, everything as an ending point even if you don’t want it to. Also, to everyone I hurt in the process of what I did, to everyone that went along with what I said, what I told you all, I’m sorry.
Angle Turnner

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message 23: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Oh, you atually like it?

message 24: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith *actuallly

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah! It makes me want to know what she lied about and why she lied about it, in a good way.

message 26: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Yeah well... You won't be getting that info. :/

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 Faith Noelle Smith Broken Dreams

You think your life is going to work out the way you want it to, you think that everything you want to happen will, and well I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not true. You can have dreams but they will always end up broken, you have hope but it always ends up going away, you think your parent’s are always going to be together, you think your life is perfect, but then you find the one crack in the mirror and you know your life is going to change, for better or for worse and there won’t be anything you can do to stop it. You can have a heart of gold, you can put on your best happy face but end the end you know that your dreams will become broken, if you want them to or not. Then you look at the one mirror that used to not be broken but now it’s in pieces, you can either choose to put the mirror back together or, keep your broken dreams

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 Faith Noelle Smith My Brother
I have a brother, his name is Wilson Taylor smith but everyone in the house we just call him Taylor. He was born along with the rest of us, born 3rd he was the sickest the doctors said he might not live; he was born blind unlike my sisters and I who were born with some sight. Even though he is blind it really doesn’t look like that stops him. He goes to FSDB ( Florida school for the Deaf and Blind) when we were all younger we took piano, my sister and I really didn’t care for it much but Taylor well he shined. He can name any note you play; People say he has perfect pitch. He really doesn’t play much anymore but my parent’s think he could do real well if he started playing again. Sometime if I were their playing around on are old piano I’d say, “Taylor what note is this? And he’d say something like B flat or whatever the note may be.” One thing is, that when my parents are around my bother they seem so happy, and I look at Taylor and a lot of the times think “your just weird” cause Taylor also as some traces of autism so he does the flapping of the arms, and noises when he’s happy ( symptoms of autism.) but I also see him when people watch him walk down the street with my mom, or what not. I sometimes wonder what’s going through their heads.Do they feel bad that he's blind, or do they just want to move on before they are caught staring? Even though Taylor is Blind I look at him differently now, something I haven’t really realized before he not just blind, he’s a blind kid with musical talents, something most “normal” kids don’t have naturally but us, the quads born at 25 weeks(3 months early) were special we have that and we should be lucky. I know I don’t normally say it, but I really do care about my bother even if I don’t show it. Were all special….Together.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Ah, yes. Let me fix that. Thanks. Anyway, what did you think?

message 30: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 9 comments I loved it. Reminds me of what I have always tried to teach my kids. No one is limited, anyone can do anything!

message 31: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Thank you, Jessica. It took me awhile to actually figure that out myself.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Sorry I haven't posted in soo long, now time to update!

I am..

I am ..outspoken and creative.
I hear.. the school bell ring.
I imagine getting my life back on track.
I cry when I lose someone I love.
I see a long path of life lessons ahead of me.

I am... outspoken and interesting.
I want... people to trust me again.
I need... people to listen.
I hope… for a good year of school.
I fear...hurting more people then I already have.
I am outspoken and hopeful.

I am...smart and organized
I feel confused when I ‘m in algebra.
I try…my hardest not to talk back.
I wonder…what my life would be like if I were an only child.
I dream…about getting into PYP( Portland Youth Philharmonic)
I am…Outspoken and creative.

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 Faith Noelle Smith So, what did y'all think?

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 Faith Noelle Smith Aw, thanks. Do you have a favorite?

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