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((XD FOOD!))

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments ((I love food!))

Sorcha strolled to an empty table, well empty in the sense of no one else was sitting there, and sat down with a smile. She had seen magnificent feasts, and partaken of them many times. Though she didn't need to eat, she felt that eat was a necessary part of life. And besides, food good.

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In her search for the god, Damielle stumbled across a large hall. To her amazement, the hall was filled the tables, the tables filled with food. She gaped. Never had she seen such a magnificent feast! As she entered slowly, she caught sight of familiar individual. "Oh! I didn't see you there," she said, surprised.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments Sorcha paused in the middle of popping a red, juicy grape I to her mouth and smiled, "It's no surprise, it's almost dinner time anyway." She laughed and motioned for Damielle to sit by her.

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Damielle approached hesitantly, well aware the woman was a Sihde. The food looked delicious. "I haven't eaten since yesterday," she remarked, gazing at the multitude of dishes.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments "Then eat, I see no sense in looking for an elusive god on an empty stomach," Soecha paused and looked over at her, "Don't worry I rarely bite."

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"Elusive he is," she remarked bitterly, ignoring the comment about biting. She plunked herself in a chair and began scooping a pile of food onto her plate. "I don't think he wants to be found."

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Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments Sorcha shrugged, cutting a piece off an apple, "Or he could just be otherwise occupied in a different place." She suggested with a grin. "And I'm sure you could call his attention by screaming his name and throwing a temper tantrum, but don't do that, it would make you look silly."

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She laughed. "If I did that, he'd avoid me for sure."
Suddenly the castle shook. Damielle's head darted up, she looked out the window. The sound had come from the direction of the beach. "What was that?"

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments "Je ne sais pas, don't ask me, I know as much as you do." Sorcha said shrugging with that lost/innocent look on her face, unconsciously floating a few inches above her seat so that if the castle shook again she would be steady.

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Forgetting all about her meal, Damielle tightened the straps which held her knife and sword, saying, "I'm going to check it out. Thanks for the company." With that, she turned on her heel and started for the exit.

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Becky Tallin sank down onto a bench and grabbed the first glass he could and drained it. He was tired and hungry, and that was a bad combination in his book! The feast laid out on the table in front of him made his mouth water and it wasn't long before his plate was piled high.

((calling it a night now, will be back later on in the daylight hours!))

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments Sorcha looked up from the apple she had been methodically cutting so that only a thin sliver the condistuted the core was left. She grinned, looming around, then suddenly conscious of the fact that she was floated above her seat, she dropped back down onto it and grunted.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Zay walked into the dinning hall with Micah. "So, what to eat?" She asked, then made a fake glare. "Don't you say anything, smartmouth," She joked.

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"I wasn't going to say anything!" he exclaimed with a smile, throwing up his hands in mock innocence. He feigned offense. "Must you always assume the worst of me?"

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Zay smiled, "Depends what mood I'm in," she laughed and walked to a table.

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He chuckled and followed her to the table. "You do know that offending gods is a bad idea, right?"

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Lamia pulled the man into the hall after her. She knew that things with Damielle would get ugly fast, so it was best to get him out of the way. "You said you were in need of a drink?"

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Sugata | 108 comments Hearing the words of I hunted you for a while echo behind him he mad sure he had his blade easily within reach. Soon he found himself with the girl in a great dining hall. His mouth dropped with amazement. He just nodded in confirmation of her question.

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Lamia offered him a goblet, "Just say what you want and it'll come." she explained.

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((gnight guys be back tomorrow))

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Damielle had followed them, arms crossed. The first thing she saw when she entered the Dining hall was Micah, the god of pain. Her eyes widened in fury. "MICAH! There you are!" She charged towards him, drawing her sword.

Micah blanched. "Sorry Zay, but I have to go." With that, he disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

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Sugata | 108 comments He took the goblet looking at it. He has seen his previous master use something like this. "Some Dwarven October Ale would be nice." He murmered and saw the cup fill with it. He gratefully gulped the drink down feeling the familiar burning sensation. "Ahhhh that hit the spot" as he sat down in a nearby chair. Watching the action between one of the women who he saw at the front door charge at someone. "What the heck is going on?!"

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Damielle sighed and sheathed her sword. Shaking her head in anger and disappointment, she headed back to the table where Raeth was. "So sorry about that. I have a debt to settle with an elusive god."

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Sugata | 108 comments Raeth eyes widened, "A god, isn't killing one impossible. Or that they even take human form, what have i gotten myself into?" He downed another goblet of Ale.

((See you all later))

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"Let's just say that he owes me a big favor," said Damielle. She poured a goblet of ale for herself.

(i gtg)

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Lamia laughed, "You've gotten yourself into an enchanted castle," she said, "just try to have more alis then enemies and you'll be good."

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments "And don't get lost, it's hard to find your way out." Sorcha added, appearing in a seat next to lamia.

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Lamia turned, "I'm Lamia by the way." she said to the girl beside her.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments "Sorcha." She replied with a crazy wide grin, extending her hand to Lamia.

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Lamia nodded back but didn't take the girl's hand, weary of contact.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 48 comments Sorcha laughed, letting her hand drop. "Do you like fruit?" She asked, changing the subject.

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Lamia shrugged, "I suppose." she replied

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Becky Having failed to find a suitable spot to sit and think, Jennevine decided to go and get some food, she was famished! The first thing she noted was that she knew none of the people within the big hall. She picked a table furthest away from everyone and got to the very important task of finding a good cup of coffee.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Kristin wrote: "He chuckled and followed her to the table. "You do know that offending gods is a bad idea, right?""

Zay put on a thinking face, "Eh, depends on what mood they're in, what god it is, and how much energy I have to run,"

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Sugata wrote: "Raeth eyes widened, "A god, isn't killing one impossible. Or that they even take human form, what have i gotten myself into?" He downed another goblet of Ale.

((See you all later))"

Kristin wrote: "Damielle had followed them, arms crossed. The first thing she saw when she entered the Dining hall was Micah, the god of pain. Her eyes widened in fury. "MICAH! There you are!" She charged towards ..."

Zay frowned, at Micah, but nodded as he left. She walked over to the doors and just stood there, leaning against the wall, arms crossed.
She saw a new guy, well, everyone here except Micah was new to her.
She shrugged, got some Pepsi, and sipped it. "Can't kill a god unless they choose to die," She muttered. "Even then it's hard,"

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Sugata | 108 comments Raeth looked around once more, and shook his head. Swinging his broadsword from around his back and placed it next to him leaning on the table. "I might need an upgrade if I plan to stay here." He sighed as gulped down another Ale, and started feeling the alchol burn through his blood. Turning to a plate and asked it for a hamberger, and started chowing down hungerily.

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Becky Jennevine observed what was going on around her quietly from her corner. There seemed to be a lot of new arrivals, she didn't remember seeing any of them before, and it worried her slightly, it made her wonder how long she had been asleep for after the events on the beach. A small frown creased her brow, her list of allies within the castle was pitifully small, and she only trusted one person within the walls.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Sugata wrote: "Raeth looked around once more, and shook his head. Swinging his broadsword from around his back and placed it next to him leaning on the table. "I might need an upgrade if I plan to stay here." He ..."

"Upgrade?" Zay asked. "You're in an enchanted castle that you could call Hogwarts," She kicked herself off the wall and uncrossed her arms.
"I'm Zay," She offered. "P.s. I'm the powerful sorceress living. Don't piss me off,"

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Sugata | 108 comments Taking the hand offered to him he shook it and replied "Nice to meet you Zay, however don't take me lightly I may only be a summoned human however I can take a hit or two." Raeth grinned as his courage was restored by his tipsiness.

((when I meant upgrade I meant his

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) ((Xd))

Zay grinned, "Good thing, 'cause I'm Merlin's daughter." Zay took her hand back and grabbed her cup again. She asked for a milkshake, and a chocolate milkshake showed up in the cup.
"Alright," Zay said after a sip. "I told you my name, what's yours?"

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Sugata | 108 comments "The name is Raeth." Gulping down another goblet full of ale. "I thinkth thiss stuff ish going to my haed." Shaking his head a little bit. He hiccuped, "this is very good ale..." Raeth picked up his sword, "right lass!" He said to his sword, "How about some practice."

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Zay shook her head, smiling. "If you're drunk, you shouldn't practice." She said. She finished her shake and made the cup disappear. She looked at Raeth, "ARE you drunk?"

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Sugata | 108 comments He grinned at her "Of course!"
" But with a littleh practice I'll be righth as rain!" Swinging his sword around his back. "Do you have a Dojo or gladitorial ring?"

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Becky Jennevine's eyebrow quirked up slightly. So the girl was the daughter of Merlin, that was good to know. She added her to the 'list of people to not piss off and try to avoid' she kept in her head, it was getting worryingly long! Maybe she would visit this room more often, it seemed to be a good place to gather information about the other people here.

((sorry for my characters eavesdropping....i'm kinda bored :) ))

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Sugata | 108 comments ((Always a great way to get information, you could show my character to the Battle Grounds if you want some action with my character))

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"Ah, how I've missed the absence of sobriety!" Damielle laughed at Raeth's drunkenness. "We have battle grounds, but I don't think you'd want to cross blades with anyone in your current state."

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Sugata | 108 comments "What state." Raeth slurred. "I could take on a hoard right now and show them whos boss." Pulling out is sword and swung it at an invisible enemy. The sword pulled him as he swung it.

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"Watch it!" she snapped, though still quite amused. "I'm sure you could. They would cower in fear.... if you were aiming to the one next to them."

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Sugata | 108 comments "Thats right I can take down three in one swing" Shouldering his weapon. "The fear of me just swinging my sword raging through their veins." He shudder at thought. "I could take on the world aha." Raeth ran out the door to the feast hall taking a left down the hall. Then doubled back, looking a bit embarrassed. "Which way is the battlegrounds?" He mumbled.

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