The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1) The Iron King question

Should i keep reading??
andrea pacheco andrea Feb 20, 2012 05:52PM
I started the book but then it got kind of boring so i wanted to know if i should keep reading.

I almost didn't finish book one either. I thought it was bit slow and childish (I'm not a big fan of books about fairies), but I'm glad I didn't quit. The series is amazing. Julie is such a great writer.

Like what the others said, I also got bored with the first book. But the other 3 books of the series are worth it. You should continue readine. =)

Iron Knight is worth every minute of your time, so don't give up just yet!

Don't stop.This book is truly wonderful.

Yes, I literally just finished the series because I could not stop reading it.

I hated the first book! The main character was immature and unrealistic...but the next few books get better so if you like the story plot, keep reading!

I don't remember the story where it got slow but its a good story keep with it.

LOL, I love some of the comments here. I thought the first book was pretty good and each book after that was better. By the way, she came out with a 4th book because the series is a bestseller and she got a second book deal for 4, 5, and 6. :-)

This is cool. I only read the first oone, but I thought it was great. If the next ones are even better... WOW

You...probably should? I was in the same situation as you are after I finished book 1. Recently read book 2 and I'm asking myself the same question again.

I don't dislike the main characters but I'm not fond of them either. I like the plot but am not too keen on the fluffy romance part.

i loved this series. you should definatly continue reading.

I find parts in the entire series a little boring and slow but i honestly think the characters make up for that. And by characters of course i mean Ash <3
I would definetly read on though. The final book makes up for it. And it's not entirely slow and boring, it's just not consistant with the action and things happening.

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None of these books were slow! I read all of them in like a week!!!!


Yep, the book the book gets REALLY delicious from Book 3.. Definitely worth getting thru all the boring parts. Just keep reading~!


keep reading it! It gets better I promise!

No stop. Save yourself. The book is just a gong show of pointless things happening at random times.

I liked all the books and i even got the ebooks too. It just takes a while for the action to take off in the first book. Just stick with it i promise you will end up loving the series.

I stopped after the 3rd or 4th chapter. If an author doesn't hook a reader within that first chapter, I don't feel it'd be worth reading. If my senses aren't engaged, why force it? Life is too short & I'm too stinkin' busy.

KEEP ON READING! It gets better, don't worry!

Yess! You should keep reading it's an amazing book you're going to love it!!

Definately keep with it. It took me a while to get into the first book, but its worth the read. it is one of the best book series i've read and i'm glad i kept reading :)

I know I also found it a little slow going at first, but it rewards you for sticking with it! Keep at it, its a great series.

At least try to read half of the book if u dont like it by then put it down. i think the first three books r great. I havent read the fourth and i will not bc i like ending of the third. And i read somewhere that the only reason why she came out with the fourth was bc some of the readers did not like the ending of the third.


Mmmm, I thought the whole series was kinda cliche, (girl gets immersed in dangerous magic fairy land, meets hot boy, [or two] and discovers her inner power, ect)but, its good for just a light read.

I will admit, i'm slightly infatuated with Ash...

Keep Reading!! Argh!! They are soooo good!! What part were you at? Cause i found the first book rather slow myself, but the last few make up for it for sure!

I thought book one was slow but keep reading the second book is way more interesting keep reading! And these are all different opnions u only know if u like it so i would say keep reading if you dont like it go to another book :)

YES!!!!! It was boring for me to at first, but I promise you it gets better! Keep with it!

Yay, I’ve finally found someone who feels the same about this book as I do. I just could not finish it; I had such high-hopes because it had amazing reviews! I got to the bit where Robbie turns out to be (spoiler) Puck and I just thought, “noooooo, why?” A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favourite Shakespeare play – the characters shouldn’t be moved and adapted unless the author is as amazing as Ol’ Bill the Bard. Sadly Julie Kagawa isn’t quite there, so The Iron King shall sit forever on my pile of unfinished books :(

keep reading its such a good book and i cant wait to read the next books in the seris

I thought the books were amazing!!! You should keep reading! The books get better and better! I personally love the characters and plot! I,of course, love Ash the most! :)


I only read the first book and I didn't really like it. I think I'm the only person here that is telling you not to finish the book. But that's just my opinion. I don't really like any books that have too much romance.

YES!! keep reading! it's such a good story throughout the whole series!

YES!!! the first book might seem boring, but it's kinda like the eragon books. They might seem a little slow at first but the farther int eh series you are the better it gets

I know what you mean. There are a few parts that got somewhat boring but it does get better. Now I'm on the second book, and I like it much more.

This book is AWSOME!!! It is SO worth your time to read!!! I think its a great series!!!

i was about to stopreading it so i flipped to the back to see how it ends but then i found a part that i liked so i skimmed through the boring part to get to the good part :) me ull like it :)trust

I thought book one was slow too, but get onto the next book and you wont be able to put it down.

MO Pats II and III are so much better than part's worth it to keep reading! I was bored with the book at first too ...more
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Arya YES!!!
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