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jueun (jueunkang) The top says all~

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dazpup | 209 comments ((The link is my house))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight I have an obestion with doing this....

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo drove up his driveway and exited his car. "I'm home!" he yelled, locking the car door. He grabbed the handle of the front door and pushed only to find it was locked. "Strange," Theo said. "Dad is probably at work." He took his house key (Which is on the same chain as the car key) and unlocked the front door. When he got inside, he threw his backpack on the floor and flopped on the leather sofa. "I wonder what those three are up to." he said, eventually taking his backpack and walking up to the third floor where his room was. The first floor was a small living room while the second floor was the kitchen, dining room, as well as a bigger living room. The top floor had two bedrooms and a media room, particually Theo's. When he got to his room, he took out a piece of black paper and a white crayon. He drew his dog's name Dazpup and put it aside. "I will give that to you later." Theo said, looking to the corner of his room where a dog house was. The dog Dazpup was a chow chow sharpe' mix, two of his favorite breeds of dogs. The dog's wrinkly, yet fluffy face, showed laziness.

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dazpup | 209 comments "Ugh. I am so tired. I don't feel like making a lunch and going back to school...I am just going to diss. I don't care if I get a detantion." Theo turned to his companion. "Do you?" The dog whined.

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jueun (jueunkang) ((HOW'D YOU GET HOME FROM SCHOOL SO EARLY?! ah well, tomorrow's a saturday i shall make so just 4 now ^^ *coughs* loner *coughs*))

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dazpup | 209 comments ((i am skipping the rest of the day because i am a procrastinator and yesterday i stayed up all night doing hw))

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Natalie | 213 comments ((In reply to your name, I want cream cheese wontons so give me some.))

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dazpup | 209 comments ((well you need to make them cause i cant its 8:23 and tomorrow is school. you should post for alice weve been waiting))

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Natalie | 213 comments ((... Oh okay will post.))

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jueun (jueunkang) ((ah whatever then.))

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dazpup | 209 comments "Hmmm....when school gets out I should text Rin if she is free tomorrow. Sounds good Daz?" Theo asked Dazpup. He barked wagging his tail.

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dazpup | 209 comments **************************************************
"Here we are." Theo said getting out of the car. He lead Opal inside where Daz started to bark. "I hope your not allergic to dogs."

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Opal smiled. "this is so cool! Oh and I'm not. I love dogs, but I have to say I love cats too.

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dazpup | 209 comments ((if i dont reply, doing hw))

"Well good, stay right here." Theo said, running upstairs to let Daz out. The cheerful dog ran down the stairs to greet Opal with a jumping dance.

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"he's so cute!" opal says smiling. She pets his head then goes onto her knees to his level. "hi" she says smiling to the dog and rubbing his head.

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dazpup | 209 comments Daz gave a friendly kiss and ran out into the backyard, where he began to fling a toy. "Would you like to go into my media/art studio/room?" Theo asked.

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Opal stood up. "I'm actually starting to get tired" she says yawning.
((what time is it where u live? It is 11;42 here))

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dazpup | 209 comments ((its 8:43))

Oh...do you want to rest at my place? Or should I drive you home?" Theo asked, feeling bummed.

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Opal could tell he was upset. "um.... No I'll try to stay up a bit longer. She said smiling a bit. "let's go see it then." she says

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dazpup | 209 comments "Okay, follow me." Theo said.
*Gets there*
"Here we are! This is where I do all my arts, remix music tracks as well as make my own songs, and where I sleep all in one room." Theo said, walking into the huge room.

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"woah." opal says. "it's so cool! I can't believe you do all of that in here! But then again, it is a big room." she blinks few times, partily because she was tired and partly because she wanted to take it all in.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo smiled. "Hey, if your tired, I won't stop you from falling asleep. You can sleep on my bed in here, it's time for you to be a guest, and don't worry, I won't leave." Theo smiled. "I have to finish this painting im doing."

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Opal smiled. "thanks." she walked over to the bed and took her shoes off setting them by the bedpost. She climbed under the covers and fell asleep almost instantly, breathing softly she snuggled under the covers a bit more.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo turned to Opal, and smiled, taking off the tarp of the painting. The painting showed a child, female, holding her teddy bear up and crying, but the tears showed a reflection of what were happening. Her hair was rainbow, each strand a different color, while everything else was black and white.

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Opal was dreaming. A soft brilliant dream that made her almost as happy as when Theo said he liked her. She smiled in her sleep.

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dazpup | 209 comments ((time speeds up?))

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(( I'm gonna go to bed, I have a dance competition in a few days and I need to rest up! :) srry. I'll b on tomorrow and check in the morning))

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(( actually I think I can take 10 more minutes. Sure.))

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dazpup | 209 comments ((Time speeds up))

Theo noticed Opal waking up just as he is finishing the touches to his painting. "Hello. How'd you sleep?" Theo asked.

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"fine." she says. "did you stay up all night working on that?" she asked as she climbed out of the bed.

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((I'm so srry I am like falling asleep. I'm gonna go now. B on tomorrow))

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dazpup | 209 comments ((kk))

"Um...actually no. I was completing it. The only thing there before was the girl's face." Theo said. "Like it?"

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Opal smiles, "of course I do" she liked how everything was colorless except for the hair. "what is it suppost to represent?"

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Opal had taken a nap. She woke up and left a note on the bed. It said: going to the mall and then the park, Opal.

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dazpup | 209 comments ((?????????))

"It represents a girl who has her life drained from her, but she isn't dead. The only thing growing...or living to be presice, is her hair, and each strand represents a different emotion she is feeling." Theo said.

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((srry I rly wanted ti get her a cat)) opal sat with sugar paws in ger lap. "wow. It has such a deep meaning and it looks really good."

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Opal smiles. "that really I an amazing painting Theo."

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dazpup | 209 comments "Thank you." Theo smiled.

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dazpup | 209 comments ((this is the closest i could find in my mind...though it is totally off. its a little girl, and she is facing the picture crying, but this is the closest i guess http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am...))

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Opal smiles and blushes looking down at her painted pink nails. "what do u wanna do?" she asks

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dazpup | 209 comments "Um...I don't know. It's only" Theo stopped to look at the colorful clock in the corner of his room, "3:46 pm."

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dazpup | 209 comments ((OPAL???))

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((srry I had a lot going on the other day))
Opal looked up," I don't care what we do." she said "you can choose."

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dazpup | 209 comments "We can eat early then go back up here to talk. It's supposed to get dark quickly." Theo said flopping on his bed.

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"okay. Are we going to go out to eat or something?" opal asked wrapping her jacket around herself more.

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dazpup | 209 comments "I can make some pasta. Do you like tomato alfredo?" Theo asked.

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"yea I do. That sounds awesome!" opal smiles and stands up. "I'll come to the kitchen too. I can make some bread."

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dazpup | 209 comments "Cool! I love cheesy-garlic bread. Looks like Italian tonight!" Theo said, getting up from his bed and going to the kitchen. He took out bow-tie pasta and boiled it with hot water. Then add the sauce he heated.

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