Death Note, Vol. 2: Confluence (Death Note, #2) Death Note, Vol. 2 question

i want to know what made you sad or mad or happy about deathnote
Ryan Ryan Feb 20, 2012 04:47PM
i waz sad when light died but i waz also sad when L died to he was sooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!

I was upset with the end. Yes, I wanted Light to lose, but I wanted him to lose in the right way: I wanted Near and Mello to out-think him, to beat him. But they didn't. They basically got lucky a bunch and accidentally figured out his plan. Clearly, without a lot of luck they would have lost. It felt like a huge letdown after the series was so diligent about the mental game being played.

In the brain game department, Light pretty thoroughly romped them all.

I was happy whenever Light gave that cruel crazy maniac smile/stare. Its gripping. Yeah.
I was mad every time Misa Amane opened her mouth and spewed utter nonsense.
I was genuinely sad when Light died. And when L died too, but lesser. Because obviously when my world has no Light, it tends to be dark. ;)
Okay, I'm crying. Why the hell did he die?!?! T_T

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