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jueun (jueunkang) Munch munch crunch eat your lunch!

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nova walked into the empty cafeteria and grabbed a tray from the lunch line, and staring picking the foods she wanted

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"I'm gonna take a burger, is the safest choice besides the piza." nova said smiling "How about you?"

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"yumm!" Nova said grabbing some tater tots, and swiping her I.D. card to pay. "C'mon lets go find a table"

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"perfect!" Nova said sliding into one of the hard, plastic, circle seats "So, hows life?" She asked pouring ketchup on her plain burger, she liked in when it was just bun, burger, ketchup, bun

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"Of course!" Nova said "Lacrosse is starting too, so you've got to come to one of our games, we were undeafeated last year, and are gonna do it a gain!" Nova said finally taking a bite of her burger.

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"Of course and i heard the baseball team won states!" Nova said flashing a million dollar smile at Cam. "Are you ready for that math test? I'm gonna fail" Nova said changing the subject

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((k)) "I know! My sister in HS, Darcy was quizzing me ALL night, I was dead this morning" Nova said taking a few more bites of her burger

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"Just lacrosse, and I'm getting my jr. lifguard certification soon. What about you" Nova asked

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"Well, I am kind of dating like you know, Chantum Tatum, but besides him, no." Nova said smiling "What about you? Who's heart are you about to break" Nova said laughing

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"Well I'm not calling you anything else" nova said laughing

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"Ooooo, I've got one too." Nova said blushing, boys were so obvious.

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"Well, he's cocky, and smart, and at the moment has cheese hanging out of his mouth" Nova said laughing. Then she eyed the clock "hey lunch is almost over want to go to the library. It's free period next so we cans tudy for math." Nova said

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"wow, you might acually be a gentlemen. Chantum Tatum will be so jealous" Nova said walking to the library with Cam.

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Beck (formerly Boo) (boooty) Dyna and Dusty walked in, hungry. "I can't believe there's an art room!" Dusty squealed, still excited "I know" Dyna said back in an equally shrill voice. They got their lunch and went to sit down. "So.." Dusty said, taking a bite of her apple. Dyna was busy chewing on a granola bar.

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