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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
((((Roleplay- Hagrid's hut. You may use Harry Potter characters- they can magically be back to, like, year four, or something if you choose-, but EVERYONE is allowed to RP them! You can make up as many RP characters as you want, but do NOT injure anyone else's character and please NO KILLING YOUR CHARACTERS OR ANYONE ELSE'S!! By the way, you can be any house you want, but pick a house= stick with it.I'll start, because everyone is always afraid to start the RP themselves.))))

Hagrid was peacefully stroking Fang and chatting with Sariah, who was in need for confidence for her test the next day, when he heard the quacking.
"Hagrid, what about asphodel? What if I forget what its uses are?" Sariah asked nervously, trailing Hagrid as he made his way to the heavy wooden door (mumbling something about "darned enchanted ducks").
"Gotta see wot's goin' on ou' there. Summat ter do with those blasted ducks, fer sure." Hagrid mumbled as he kicked open the door. " 'Spect they wan'-"
He never finished his sentence.
A wave of ducks knocked Hagrid down.
"What in the-?" Sariah gasped.

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments "Holy cow!" Char shouted. Seconds later, she was covered in duck poo. "Oh, I mean holy duck." she mumbled.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
(((Who are you roleplaying? Funny, though, whoever you're RPing!!!))))

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments (((Char is a visiting witch, brown-haired, healthy sense of humor, 5th year)))

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments "Sariah, help me get those ducks away from him!" Char shouted. She leaped up and tried a Stunning spell. It rebounded off a nearby mirror and destroyed a pumpkin. "Hey, watch wer yer shooting!"

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod

"Erghh, Char, poor you!" Sariah said from Hagrid's doorway- trying to stifle her uncontrollable laughter. "Where'd you come from? You practically popped out of nowhere- if 'nowhere' was an ocean of ducks! Good thing they're probably harmless. And, hey, where IS Hagrid?" she added. Char pointed. She caught a glimpse of Hagrid, his mouth stuffed with duck feathers so he couldn't make a sound, being pushed by a tidal wave of ducks into Hogwarts. "Oh, darn it!" Sariah said. "Guess they are dangerous!"

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
(((Oh, sorry, I didn't see your above comment!))))

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments "I was over there, near the forest. Came rushing over when I saw what happened." Char points to the Forbidden Forest. She then runs toward the ducks waving her arms. "Shoo ducks!"

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments The ducks ignore her as they rush to Hogwarts, mowing down innocent students in the way. "Come on!" She pulls out a frog and throws it at the ducks. The frog leaps away into the woods after a duck pecks it.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
Sariah yells after the ducks as the girls dash into the school. The ducks start quacking even louder and half of them turn towards Sariah, eyes glinting evilly.
"Oh-KAY, never mind that, Char!" Sariah says. "Oh, DARN it! We lost Hagrid?!"
One half of the ducks have stayed to fight, while the other half have carried Hagrid somewhere into the castle. In the panic of the ducks forming a small army, the girls didn't see where.

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments "Let's go find Hagrid. I bet they're going to look for more victims." Char sees tracks on the ground and follows them.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
(((I didn't see your comment AGAIN! Errrgh, it's this computer's fault!!)))

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
(((Meredith, you posted two of the same comment. Do you want to delete one?))))

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments "Ginny, did you see anything?" Char asked. Then she smirked. "I mean other than Harry." "What makes you think that?" Ginny blushed as she glanced over where Harry was knocking on Hagrid's door.

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments "Meradith, Ginny, do you think we should tell Harry what happened to Hagrid?" Char asked.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
"Er, hello? Still here!" Sariah complained. "Want my opinion? 'Cause if you don't, too bad! Anyway, yeah, we tell Harry, got it? He'll kill us for not rescuing Hagrid, but oh well."

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 51 comments "First let me get my anti-bird perfume out." Char said, digging in her bag.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 227 comments Mod
"Convenient," Sariah commented.

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