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jueun (jueunkang) Post pictures or descriptions

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dazpup | 209 comments "Wow. You have a very nice house." Theo said to Opal as she got out of her car.

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"thanks" opal says smiling.

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" so um, what do u wanna do?" opal asks shyly.

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dazpup | 209 comments "I don't know...you brought me here." Theo smiled.

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Opal laughed a bit. " I guess we just have to think of something then." she blushed a bit.

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dazpup | 209 comments "Huh. I'll meet you inside." Theo said to Opal.

Gatlin (Stop Joseph Kony!) (Gatlin) (Kiley....ur not allowed to have a penthouse)

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(( jueun said I could))

Gatlin (Stop Joseph Kony!) (Gatlin) (LUCKY! She said I couldn't so I made a mansion:D)

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dazpup | 209 comments Kiley wrote: ""ok" opal says. She watches Theo walk in an takes a deep breath and follows."

((oh i meant opal goes in before theo...can you change that?))

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((ok well too bad for u then sry)) opal walks to her favorite chair and sits down waiting for Theo. (( sry about that))

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dazpup | 209 comments ((I got a plan!))

"Oh!" Theo exclaimes. "Stay here. I'll be back." Theo goes back inside his car and takes out a small bottle and hides it in his jacket. Once he gets back to Opal he asks, "Do you have a balcony or patio of somesort? I would like to watch the sunset."

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dazpup | 209 comments ((brb shower))

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" oh yea, I do." opal says leading Theo to the balcony where there was a small table and two comfy chairs.

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dazpup | 209 comments "What a coincidence. Two chairs, the sun setting, and a small bottle of relaxation." Theo pulled out the small bottle of champagne. "Don't worry. This is not strong compared to beer and wine...uh...never mind. I keep it for celebrations but I guess since there is only a little left we can have the rest."

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Opal smiles. "ok" she sits down. " only a bit. Like hardly any."

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo smiles and takes out two glasses. He pours Opal hardly any like she wants it and himself have a shot-full.

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Opal tucks her legs under her, like she normally does when she sits. Taking the glass she runs her finger around the rim.

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dazpup | 209 comments ((omg i didnt mean sh*t full i meant shot full i and o are very close togehter!!!)) ((also gtg maight be back on l8r))

Theo looked at Opal and saw her just sitting there. "What's wrong?"

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((it's ok. Ik. I might not b on but I will b tomorrow.))
"nothing" opal says. She lifts the glass. " cheers......" she thinks for a second," to this moment" and she take a sip, just enough to let her get a taste.

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dazpup | 209 comments "Cheers." Theo says, taking a sip.

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Opal never took another sip. She had fallen asleep curled in the chair. Breathing softly she turned a bit but was still asleep. She was cold from the morning air.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo finished his drink and noticed Opal asleep. He took off the jacket he was wearing and layed it on top of Opal, and then went inside where he layed down on the nearest bed.

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Opal woke up a bit shaky. She saw theo's jacket on top of her and realized she had falled asleep. "just great" she thought. She hoped he hadn't left without his jacket. She got up and walked inside to look in her bedroom, it was the nearer room to the balcony and she liked it that way. She opened the door and jumped a bit surprised to find Theo sleeping in her bed.

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Opal took a deep breath to calm down. She was scared some weird person was in her bed. She quietly moved to the vanity and started to brush her hair.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo, not entirely asleep, noticed Opal. "Oh uh...hope you don't mind. I'm really tired and just plopped down here...um...should I leave?"

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Opal didn't turn around. "it's fine." she said calmer than she expected to. Then she asked, "why didn't you leave last night though? I'm just wondering."

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dazpup | 209 comments "What happened last night?" Theo asked confused. Was he tired? Was it an overdose? Drinking?

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" um I don't really know either. Except for the fact that you kissed me and I fell asleep. That's really it." opal said, now putting on a bit of makeup.

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dazpup | 209 comments "Really? Huh...alright...so what's going on now?" Theo asked.

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" um your in my house, in my bed and I'm finishing putting on makeup." opal said softly. She got up and walked into her big walk in closet looking for an outfit.

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Opal found. Dress and walked in, closing the door and changer. She came out wearing,

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dazpup | 209 comments "Where are you going?" Theo asked.

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" nowhere." opal says. "I'm just getting changed." she moved to the edge of the bed and sat down, her legs under her as usual.

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dazpup | 209 comments "Oh...I didn't know. When I stay home and go to bed I don't wear a dress or any makeup." Theo laughed.

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Opal laughed and fell back. she closed her eyes and relaxed. Sh felt like she was waiting for something even though she wasn't.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo rolled on top of Opal and then fell off the bed, laughing.

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Opal felt theo's weight on top of he and she rolled off laughing. She landed laying on top of him. She blushed, frozen in place with embarrassment that gravity made her fall like that.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo didn't mind and kept laughing.

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Opals arms wer holding her off of Theo. Out of nowhere they collapsed. She was so embarrassed she was still frozen in place, her face red.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo noticed Opal freezing and her cheeks red. He slowly stopped laughing and layed under Opal.

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Opal couldn't move. She didnt know how she was going to get up. She clench her eyes closed. "I can't move," she said, "I dont even know why "

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dazpup | 209 comments "Will this help?" Theo said, leaning in to kiss Opal. The two's lips met, and Theo layed back down.

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Opal's eyes fluttered open. She looked at Theo. "why did you do that?" she asked.

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dazpup | 209 comments "I don't know...I guess it was the moment...and maybe you would regain the ability to move?" Theo shrugged.

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Opal jumped up and walked out of the room her face hot. She went to the kitchen and got a glass of water.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo just layed on the floor, wondering what was wrong...or what he did wrong. He left the room, "I can go home, if your uncomfortable."

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