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David Richards (dgr2) | 6 comments With Amelia's kind permission and encouragement I have been allowed to step forward and introduce myself. So here I am. I am a self published, or indie author from the UK with 12 titles all available as Kindle editions on Amazon for $2.99 each. Several are also in the process of being published as ebooks with EZRead at the same price, so please pop over there and have a look. Most of my books are between five and ten years old, and have been edited constantly, so the latest editions differ slightly from the original drafts still available on my website. Ten of my books are also published and available as trade paperbacks. My earliest paperback edition on Amazon dates back to around 2005.

As it says on the tin, I write science-fiction, fantasy and romance. I like to mix my genres and I also feature women very prominently in all of my stories, many in strong leading roles, so expect romance and fantasy in my science fiction with a multitude of leading ladies. It’s just the way I am.

I will conclude this introductory post by saying hello to everyone here and that I will pop back frequently to see how things go -like if anyone posts a reply! Mind you, I can be found on other groups posting on the odd thread from time to time, and I have my profile here at Goodreads, so you can find me if you want me.


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David Richards (dgr2) | 6 comments I have noticed the Google preview is available here through Goodreads. If you want to sample pages of my books just pick one of the paperback editions and then click on the little Google logo to get sample pages up. Saves you having to go to Amazon for the Search Inside Facility, although that is good too!

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Fred Hughes | 3 comments Hi David;

Thanks for joining us.


message 4: by David (new)

David Richards (dgr2) | 6 comments Nice to be welcomed!

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EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
Welcome to our group, David!

Seeing as how you have so many books available, which book do you recommend people start with? Is there a specific order to reading your books?

- EZRead Staffer, Amelia

message 6: by David (new)

David Richards (dgr2) | 6 comments Nice question, Amelia.

Originally my three contemporary romance stories set in Manchester were related in that each one ended in the same location as the other started. So Mind Games finishes where An Affair of the Heart begins, and that finishes where The Look of Love begins. But that is the only connection between them, so content and story wise they can be read in any order. I think of these three books as my 'Manchester Tales.'

My two remaining romance stories are A Fine Woman, set in and after World War 2, and The Dreamer, which is a science-fiction romance. So again, these can also be read in any order.

Only my science-fiction fantasy stories have any reading order to them. The four books in The Friendly Ambassador series are four parts of the same story, so obviously they are meant to be read in order:

The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End
The Friendly Ambassador: A Gathering of Angels
The Friendly Ambassador: Changes
The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy

These are followed by three more books in a related story arc which, although it isn’t essential because each book has its own distinct story, are best read in order basically because each one is a sequel to the other:

In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls
In the Shadow of Mountains: The Return of the Sixpack
The Tale of the Comet

Although no characters or events are shared, The Friendly Ambassador forms the back story for these last three books.


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