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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (Roleplay)

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (ncanaday) Ali walked through the door when her bag ripped. She cursed and bent down.

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Taiga walked in and saw Ali. She went over and asked "want some help?"

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (ncanaday) Ali smiled." Ya."

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she smiled and helped her gather her things

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (ncanaday) Ali stood up." Thanks so much....." she frowned." Whats your name? I'm Ali."

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"My name is Taiga Yosinori. It was no problem" she replied with a smile

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (ncanaday) " So Taiga, your not a vampire?" Ali asked her.

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She shook her head "I would be in the night class if i was, and keep it down, not everyone knows the secret of the night class"

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (ncanaday) " Oh. Ya."

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"I sure do know", Aria said out of nowhere next to Taiga and Ali.

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