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message 1: by CatBookMom (new) - added it

CatBookMom I happened to find out in the Kindle group at Ravelry that Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt has been re-published, including some updates, or so the info at Amazon says. (The old version sold for $250-$300 if you could find it)

Here’s the link (http://www.amazon.com/Principles-Knit...) to the Amazon page. It’s available both in hardcover and Kindle editions, though I’m going for the doorstop-sized 700+-page hardcover version. I don’t take knitting on the road that’s complicated enough to need help from POK.

Apparently this was just released last week, and I figured my Goodreads buddies would want to know. And of course it qualifies for free, if slow, shipping.

message 2: by Mya (new)

Mya (myalmg) | 10 comments I had preordered this from Amazon a long time ago when I first heard it was being reissued and it was happily waiting for me on Valentine's Day. I was so glad to see it re-released since it's such a great reference book. It was interesting to note that she had to retype all the text from the first book into the computer as the old version was lost. And she said she did a lot of rewording, clarifying concepts and refining instructions which caused the book to grow by 100,000 words and 100 pages!

message 3: by Jeri (new)

Jeri Mihm (jerimihm) | 3 comments I guess that makes the cost worth it.... did you see that the Kindle edition is more $ than the print version?

This is actually the kind of book I would purchase in print; I do carry my knitting on the road but don't think most knitting books have made the transition to e-book quite so well. I have a few and use them on my Nook Color, but I prefer a printed book to hold in my hands for knitting instructions and pictures.

message 4: by CatBookMom (new) - added it

CatBookMom My traveling reference is "The Knitting Answer Book; it lives mostly in the little chest by my knitting chair.

I do take knitting with me wherever I go, just simple things like hats and scarves, since I can't chat and knit anything very complicated, lol.

Sara | 13 comments I just received this book from my library, since I had put a hold on it when I first heard it was being reprinted. After lugging it home, I was actually wondering why I would want this in my home library. Would I actually ever read it or refer to it? I'm going to start it tonight, and am interested to know what the fuss is about. There are few knitting books that I actually READ. I have some as references, but I try to let my library do the big storage.

message 6: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe | 355 comments Mod
This sounds wonderful - I've been looking for a good book on Finishing - does it have tips for that? I mean detailed sweater construction and sewing up tips.

message 7: by Jeri (new)

Jeri Mihm (jerimihm) | 3 comments I've seen a book called "Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters" by Deborah Newton available at Amazon for a lot less $ than this book - of course it may not be as comprehensive as this one, but it may be worth a look, Zoe, if that is what you are interested in.

message 8: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe | 355 comments Mod
I have my eye on that one, jeri, but it hasn't shown up at my LYS or bookstore yet, and I want to LOOK before I buy (for my budget's sake, I PERSONALLY would happily buy one of every knitting book ever released).

message 9: by Peggy (new) - added it

Peggy | 4 comments I just got my copy from Amazon. I preordered it months ago, but I've been waiting for it to be published for years. Just now browing through it. I think I'm going to be very happy I bought it.

message 10: by CatBookMom (new) - added it

CatBookMom Mine should be here tomorrow, yay!

message 11: by Charlene (new)

Charlene McHugh | 1 comments Sara wrote: "I just received this book from my library, since I had put a hold on it when I first heard it was being reprinted. After lugging it home, I was actually wondering why I would want this in my home ..."

I will admit I am one of the "lucky ones" who found the original edition for $200.00. and bought it. (I had kept hearing about it from many reliable sources and that if you could ever get your hands on a copy it would be money well spent.) I then kept track of how often other books could not answer my question but Principles could. When the new version came out I looked at my amortized cost of the first edition, $10.00, and decided it would be worth it to have the second as back up and to cause confusion when my family goes through my knitting YEARS from now.

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