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Gracie (amazinggracie5683) | 140 comments Mod
In the upcoming release of Pandemonium (the second book in this series) let "chat" and "chew" over Delirium!

Aubrey (avidreader24) | 86 comments I can't wait for the next book!

Gracie (amazinggracie5683) | 140 comments Mod
What did you think about Delirium compared to Pandemonium?

Aubrey (avidreader24) | 86 comments I think they were both different. I liked how in pandemonium it went from present to past. It was cool.

Maddie Davis I liked them both because she kept her writing style the same, and I love Lauren Oliver's writing style.

Lindsay (Moosetdavis) | 6 comments I loved Pandemonium, you have to read it. I'm glad Lena joined the rebellion and found her mom, I hope Lena gets to see her mom again in the third book. I'm glad Alex is alive too! But I can't decide if I like Julian or Alex. I just added the third book to my goodreads account and I can't wait for it to come out! I liked how she did the now and then thing in Pandemonium it was cool.

Gracie (amazinggracie5683) | 140 comments Mod
I reread this and have officially decided.....I like Julian better.

Maddie Davis I still can't decide!! Ugh.

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