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Was this book Great or what???
Cathy Cathy Feb 20, 2012 11:48AM
Recommed you not read the inside cover or back of the book, just open and start reading, you will enjoy every page.

I am a nurse who has worked with post stroke patients in different settings. I haven't worked in an intensive rehab setting, but I am familiar with unilateral neglect. Of coures the book oversimplifies matters, its fiction, one day of struggle getting dressed does not equal the day in day out challenges. But no work of fiction shows every day of brushing teeth, putting on the socks, finding the car keys, these are "activities of daily living". Yes, it shows a few days of struggle, but the character develops over repeated practice at learning what she can and cannot do. I liked the book and if it gives people just a taste of how head injury can change a life I think it is excellent. I didn't warm to the main character at first, she was too busy trying to have it all to enjoy any of it, but I appreciated that she did learn and change her life to something more sane and simple and ultimately good for her family at the end.

Is it great literature? No. But the science is solid and the story compelling.

Abysmal? Really?

Wow. I am compelled to read your review to see if there is any validity to such a harsh judgement of what I found to be a very interesting read.

I am a nurse and, while I'm aware of one-sided neglect, it was fascinating, for me, to get some insight on what LIVING with one-sided neglect might be like.

I did initially have some difficulty relating to the protaganist, because I am not in a corporate life, I have no children and I'm not the LEAST interested in fashion (would never even notice someone's shoes, likely, let alone judge them negatively as a person based on their choice of footwear). However, after her accident, the story line drew me in.

I really loved this book. The beginning kind of dragged on, but it did turn around!

I considered it a great book just as I did her other one! I thought it was worth the money!


It was good, not as good as Still Alice.

Josée a lu lit lira Same here :)
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I got pulled in to this author with "Love Anthony," and have now read them all. I appreciate the layman's terms with which this book was presented, and now I may have some idea of what this brain injury is like after having read it. I could also see myself in the type of mother she was prior to her accident, but have since learned her same truth for myself. A good cautionary tale to slow down and appreciate life.

This book is excellent, a page-turner and educational at the same time. Have read all three of her books, all are excellent. I highly recommend!

I totally enjoyed this book and surprised myself because I normally do not like this genre. It was my book club pick, so I relunctly started to read. It was a great book. I really liked the fact that the main character was "real" and dealt with her ordeal the way I think most people would under those circumstances. Not overly entimental or whiney, but enough struggle that it seemed realistic.

I found the beginning of the book a bit tedious, as Sarah, the main character speeds through her daily work and family life. Once Sarah wakes up from a traumatic brain injury with Left Neglect, I was much more drawn into the story. I initially picked up the book, because I have cared for people with brain injuries (stroke) with Left Neglect in a rehab hospital setting. I would say that in my past experience (2 or 3 decades ago), I totally oversimplified the situation. This book was quite an eye-opener for me and also a good story.

I really liked this book..except the ending. I did not read what it was about..just picked it up and read. I thought the book was going to be about something totally different than it is.

This book was OK. I think the people who loved it have no experience with brain injury. I realize the author does; she's an authority. But I, who do have experience with this, found it way too simplistic.

i had trouble getting into this book, so set it aside to try reading again at a later date.

I really enjoyed the book, dismal but true. I recommended it to a friend and she said "no thanks, my mother had it". I know how it works and how it upsets everyone's life!

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I didn't enjoy this book at all. A dear friend suggested the book so I read it, but it never hooked me. I found it interesting to hear about the concept of Left Neglect, but I had no emotional connection with the book or the characters at all.

This is my favorite book she's written! There's something about neurology and man's inabaility to grasp it still, that just fascinates me. I envy Lisa: both her academic mind and her literary abilities.

Sabina Kelly i agree - this is her best book by far. even better than 'still alice' ...more
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Reen (last edited Jan 17, 2013 06:03PM ) Jan 17, 2013 06:03PM   0 votes
This book was disturbing; this could so easily happen to any Mother. Well written and the characters were beautifully drawn.

I liked her first book better (I think it grabbed me by about page 2, and this one didn't). But in no way is this a lukewarm review of this book. It is well worth reading, and will definitely leave you with a sense of wonder about the human brain.

Overall I enjoyed this book. I found the story dragged a bit at times, but the author's writing style kept me hooked.

I finished the book but preferred "Still Alice" and "Love, Anthony.

I had no expectations, not having read the author before, but I really enjoyed this story. I found it a quick, interesting, and touching read. I found the condition of left neglect absolutely fascinating.

M Aug 28, 2013 11:45AM   0 votes
This was my first time to read a novel by this author and I really loved it! It made me aware of a condition that I had never heard about. Plus, despite the heavy and rather somber events that happen, I found Sarah's voice to be surprisingly humorous. I think I needed a bit of comic relief to help the heavy stuff go down better. I'm looking forward to reading her other novels, especially based on others' reviews.

I'm an occupational therapist and have worked with many, many patients with left neglect. While the author did a nice job describing her character, much of it is implausible. This is FICTION and should be enjoyed as such!

I've read all this author's books and will read anything else she writes. I feel her writing is valuable; these are subjects not often treated in fiction, and her expertise in the science gives them validity. She treats her subjects with compassion and empathy. I hope learning more about these conditions will influcence her readers to do the same in real life.

Honestly, it's not that profound like i was expected. i'm not truly touched with the story.

Read this for my book club and loved it!! Such an interesting way to deal with a difficult subject..

Really disappointed, didn't feel there was much emotion in this book. Thought it was almost unrealistic and a bit sugar coated given all the family was dealing with. I did enjoy the ending and the message the book was trying to get across to the reader, but that was only after reading the end.

I've read Still Alice, Left Neglected and her latest book Love Anthony. Still Alice was a tough act to follow. Left Neglected was good but paled in comparison

After reading "Still Alice", the bar was raised too high. I was a bit let down with this book. It just didn't draw me in to the characters as much as "Still Alice" did. Having said that, it was a subject that I am very interested in and it did shed some valuable light on what it is like to live with a disability.

I have read all 3 books by Lisa Genova and loved them all. This is one author that I'm going to follow as long as she writes books.

I liked this book mostly because her medical condition was quite intriguing. But it doesn't compare to Still Alice or Love Anthony re the story or the characters in my opinion. Lisa Genova is on my short list of must read authors.

I enjoyed the book---start to finish---but "Still Alice" is a more gripping,disturbing, and powerful read.

Truly abysmal. Please read my review to save yourself £7.99 and a lot of time.

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