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ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments A extremely quiet house big enough for more than three people but only Valery lives here. Very clean and modern,its her house of solitude. Not many pictures of her family since she dosen't want to risk them commingled into the conversation.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery fumbled through her purse looking for her keys after finding it she opened the door to her house. Stepping inside she sighed going onto the couch and crossing her legs as she turned on the TV.

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Strange | 617 comments Mod
Valery's phone started ringing.

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ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery turned down the TV and reached for her phone she sighed picking the phone up. "Hello Valery speaking" she said into the phone.

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"Hello Valery. Fun trial today, wasn't it?" It was Alex.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery's smile disapeared from when she was watching one of her favorite movies 'The Notebook'. She quickly turned off the TV and seemed to pause for a second. She swallowed hard "Y-yes but I don't think it was very fair seeming you got to walk free"

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"I thought it was perfectly fair. And now I have two lovely toys trussed up for my big game. Would you like to hear how your coworkers scream? I'll kill the boy now, and save dear Luzita for later."

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery swore "What?!!You are sick you know that? This isn't funny Alex" She said in anger hoping he was kidding but deep down she wondered if that was actually happening. She had gotten up from the couch and was pacing the room.

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"I think you should come over here. Yonni's house. Don't bring anyone or I'll kill them both. I'd be quick too, I'm not playing by my old rules anymore."

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery was already out the door "Don't you dare kill them Alex" she was in her car and said in an urgent voice "I'm comming" Valery drove has fast as she could.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery lay at the back of Alex's car everything blury she groaned feeling drowsy. She tried to get up but couldn't she just lay there trying to get strength.

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Alex lay Luz and Valery on the couch, once again tying them up.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery could see this was her house and managed to say "Don't touch any of my godamn stuff"

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"He's dead, you know." Alexander smiled and looked around. He glanced at a tall vase before pushing it over casually.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery then snapped out of the blure sitting straight up "No! He can't be dead...." she shook her head trying to convince herself he was lieing to them.

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"So, shall we work with you next, Ms. West?" He walked over to her and took out a box of matches.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery despite trying to act brave started whimpering "N-no please Alex I don't want too" her voice full of plead.

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He lit one and held it precariously over Valery's face. "Beg."

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ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments She whimpered even more a nodded "Please,please,please don't Alex I swear I will do whatever you want just don't do that!Just think about what your going to do please don't" she begged

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"Believe me, I have." He dropped the match into Valery's open mouth.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery screamed in pain feeling the burning sensation in her mouth. The match fell down her throat scolding her insides. She screamed again and moaned feeling the burns.

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"Hm... So Miss West, what are you afraid of?"

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ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments She looked up at Alex shaking and then quickly looked outside towards her pool. She quickly looked back hoping he didn't see that the truth was she had gotten this house a fews months ago it was perfect except for the pool but she never thought she would use it...ever. Valery would never get into the pool she couldn't even stay on top of the water. Ever since she was little she had a phobia of swimming and she couldn't even swim. "I have no phobia's" she said shakily.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery felt the stinging pain in her throat and coughed "can I have some water?" She asked weakly coughing again.

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"Tell me, then I may get you some."

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments "I'm not telling you" she shook her head.

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"No water, then." He smiled and took out another match.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery shrieked "no it already hurts! F-fine I can't swim that's what I'm afraid of" she said quickly.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments ((I gtg to school))

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"Ah, so that's what you were looking at." He smirked over at the pool outside. Alexander grabbed a thick handful of Valery's hair and dragged her outside.

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ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery shrieked loudly trying to escape his grasp. Screaming louder this time "stop!!!!! Please I can't swim!!!" She started sobbing as they neared the pool. "Please!" making a last pleading attempt.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery started at the pool whimpering and shook her head "no,no I -I can't" just being that close to the water terrified her.

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Strange | 617 comments Mod
Alexander only laughed. "So late, it's so late. Shall I drop you?"

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments "No don't,I swear if you do...." she tried to think of something threatning but could come up with nothing. "Just don't" she said in a quivering voices.

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Alexander sighed. "How cute. But I must get my job done. Farewell, Miss West." With that, he let her go.

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ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments At that moment Valery's face flashed horrible fear as she hit the water she was still trying to understand what was happening. Valery thrashed the water trying desperately to swim,she shrieked starting to go under. She started to choke on the water that filled her lungs she went under sinking further. Valery tried to get back but couldn't her lungs started burning. Everything started getting blurry Valery tried to swim but no matter how she tried her body gave up as she lost air.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Valery's last few thoughts were about why she never tried to learn to swim but she knew she had a phobia of it, so this was how she would die? She never even got to get married or make her parents proud now they never would be. At that Valery was gone,her limp body in the water.

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sydney Adrianna's car sped into the front lawn of Valery's house. She sent a few cops around back and she entered through the front door creeping quietly along. She saw Luz, tied up and crying, but she didn't see Valery like she was told she would. Adrianna bolted over to Luz, her gun still trained forward. She called the ambulance to hurry over, a few other cops carried in a dripping wet body and an apprehended Alexander.

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Alexander laughed, not even struggling. His eyes never left Luz. "Tch, tch, tch.... You think this is over, don't you? Well it's not. I may have gotten your boyfriend and Miss West, but it's not over."

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"Don't worry, I'll come back for you."

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments ((heh,alright))

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments ((oh ya.....heh,forgot about that ^.^ forget my other post))

Clara bent down and undid the rope that bound Luz. She examined Lux wrists that seemed raw from the rubbing of rope.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments She nodded giving a small smile she then tried to get her attention away from the people already putting Valery's body in a bodybag. "Ummmm are you hurt in anyway?"

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments ((I gtg be back soon))

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((Whawa, wa wa wa. Yeah, I'm odd.))

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Strange | 617 comments Mod
((What? I'm waiting for Adrianna/Miss Cop.))

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments ((hey im back! Got back from the dinner party...))

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Lost (break what wont bend) wrote: "Luz shook her head, blinking, but didn't say anything more."

She nodded "Good I think you should just try to take it easy right now" she pointed the couch if she wanted to sit down. She glanced over at Alex with a worried expression.

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Alexander grinned at Clara. "And who is she? Another friend?"

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments Clara looked back at Alexander giving a weak smile "Ummm not exactly but you can think of me as one." she smiled back at Luz then turned back "Im a cop" she didn't want to add she was new.

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