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Melissa (melstephensbooks) I've been reading that Uglies has been in the process of becoming a movie. Does anyone know when it's supposed to be released in theaters? I'm starting the last book of the series soon and I'm excited that it might be made into a film.

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Tanecia  (books101) | 3795 comments Mod
How many books are their in this series? Because I've seen a ton of these books and if it's going to be made into a movie then thats going to be a long movie series. :) I really want to read this though....

Melissa (melstephensbooks) There are 4 books. It's supposedly going to be made a movie, but it's taking forever

Juliana (julezrussell) There is?! No way! I read those awhile back. I liked them up until the last book. But I'm excited for that then!

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MeMe Belikova First lady Ivashkov (AliceBelikovReads) | 950 comments Haven't read em but want to get to them soon!

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Jess Petosa | 8 comments I would say #4 in the series is more of a "companion" book. I think it would be an interesting movie for sure, and I'd be interested to see how they create the world.

Missy (missy_aurora) So far I've heard its been put on hold it was suppose to be released this year (or 2013?) but production hasn't begun yet. It would make an epic movie though.

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