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Vincent Chough | 17 comments Perhaps the best way to share is with an excerpt...

"I wasn't a minority though. I couldn´t qualify for student aid since “Asian/Pacific Islander” is just an application form check box that really should have said “Rich Minority”. I needed psychological and spiritual but not financial aid. I was the son of a rich doctor so how could I complain? Even that I was deprived of. I could not even have the dignity of being oppressed – only shunned. Complete strangers let you know they hate you as slurs fly from car windows passing by. You are hated because of something you never had any say over and can do nothing about. The gestures and words say I want you dead and gone chink – but why? I'm just a boy. Why do you hate me? I must be worth hating...

Maybe when I lost all that weight in high school my disappearance would have been the ultimate victory. Even my name shrunk over time. Hyun Suk is my middle name. I hated that name. Hyun Suk sucked. Now only a solitary “H” appears on my legal documents. Now my middle name is H.

Everything, anything, all the universe combined except for the truth."

Brave Fish Identity, Love, Faith by Vincent H. Chough
Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith

Vincent Chough | 17 comments The other day my son received a birthday invite from a friend at school. Instead of addressing it to his name it said "Chino" instead. My son gave it to me with liquid paper covering up the Chino part. He covered it up because he was ashamed. He was hurt and this hurt me too. I felt so bad for him. I didn't know what to say, and he kind of knew I knew. Our eyes communicated with each other in acknowledgment.

So I just held him tight and told him how much I love him and how important he is to me.

Love always conquers hate.

Vincent Chough | 17 comments I have posted a Goodreads giveaway for my book:
Brave Fish Identity, Love, Faith by Vincent H. Chough
Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith
Also, until Jan 14, the Kindle version is free on Amazon.

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