Goong: The Royal Palace, Vol. 1 (Goong, #1) Goong question

what do you think of manga books?
OfficialNerd OfficialNerd (last edited Feb 20, 2012 09:44AM ) Feb 20, 2012 09:43AM
give your opinion about any Goong books you read if u liked it or it sucked or u fell in love with it or didn't understand something from this books:

Goong, Volume 1 by Park So Hee Goong, Volume 2 by Sohee Park Goong, Volume 3 by Park So Hee Goong, Volume 4 by Park So Hee Goong, Palace Story, Volume 7 by Park So Hee ........ect

I thought the manwha was really good. It's a cute story and highly original. Watch the drama before the manwha and I got to say the manwha was still so much better.

I saw The Drama and I like it Soo Much The Book Is Good Too It's The Original Version

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