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message 1: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (last edited Feb 20, 2012 05:19AM) (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 66 comments Mod
The plot to this rp is basically:

Years have passed, and the Pure Ones have gathered again, planning once more to destroy the guardians. But now, there are more and more. The guardians fear they may not be able to defeat them this time. They are recruiting regular owls that have potential to become guardians and training them.
Note: All the characters in the books are dead!

Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) Could my charrie join the guardians later on? Maybe she could get lost in a storm and crash land on the island

message 3: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 66 comments Mod
That sounds like a good idea :)

message 4: by Yonina (new)

Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) Who would be the leader of the Pure Ones cause most of them died

message 5: by Ivyscar ~Echo~ (new)

Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 66 comments Mod
All the Pure Ones are being remade. I'm roleplaying the leader.

message 6: by Yonina (new)

Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) ok that cool

Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) Could Moon and Gypsy become friends?

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message 9: by Abby (new)

Abby Langford | 32 comments Wait, RP that I love the Pure Ones', but after I see what I have done to these families, I fly to the Great Ga'Hoole Tree.

message 10: by Gabe (new)

Gabe (gaberocks) | 56 comments when should Shadow and Samuel come in?-- if they get approved, of course.

message 11: by Gabe (new)

Gabe (gaberocks) | 56 comments who'd be the monarch, cause if Soren, the monarch in the end of the fifteenth book, died like you said Echo?

message 12: by Penelope (new)

Penelope (Bookstores_love_me) | 83 comments My Hortense has been captured by the Pure Ones but would love to be a Guardian, may I make him escape eventually and fly to the great tree?

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