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Mandy (chaosmandy) We are discussing "The Hobbit" by J.R.R Tolkien for our first GeekMom Book Club selection.

Have you read this book before or is this the first time?

Sophie Brown (easyqueenie) This is my first time reading any of the Tolkien books, very exciting stuff. Just hope I can keep up!

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NJ Mix | 2 comments I have read the LotR series but not The Hobbit. Looking forward to it! (homeschoolliteraturecom) It has been a really long time since I've read this, so I'm definitely looking forward to working through it again...and perfect timing with the movie coming up! How fun!!

Mandy (chaosmandy) I'll answer my own question :)

I've read The Hobbit several times in the past but it's been years. I always liked the LOTR books better for some reason - which could have been because my dad had a marked prefence for the trilogy.

I'm looking forward to re-reading it though :) I'll be coming up with questions as we go along to help the discussion but if anyone comes across something they want to discuss, just post it.

Mandy (chaosmandy) Sophie wrote: "This is my first time reading any of the Tolkien books, very exciting stuff. Just hope I can keep up!"

Welcome to the world of Tolkien! The Hobbit is a good place to start :D

Lori Watson (loriwatsonstories) I'm excited to find this group (via the Geek Mom site), as most of my Goodreads friends don't enjoy the same type of books as I do.

I haven't read The Hobbit in years and am considering reading it aloud or using an audiobook with my kids. Love that Dresden was your previous choice, as it's one of my favorite series.

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Amy Baten | 14 comments I am very excited to join this book club. I have always wanted to join one but have never found one that I was interested in! It's been years since I've read The Hobbit. Can't wait!

Kelly (kelly_knox) | 6 comments Mod
Read The Hobbit last year, but I'm excited to read it again because it's a fantastic book. Also looking forward to picturing Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug! I know, it's just his voice in the film, but I'm going to picture him anyway.

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Trish | 1 comments I just read it last year and would love to read it again with a group! I've read all the Tolkien books and love them! I'm also in the process of reading the series to my kids. We are on The Two Towers right now. I'm excited and will get started today!

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Beth (sukibeth) | 1 comments Read it many many years ago. I always had trouble getting through the LOTR series, but could breeze through this one. Excited to be reading it again!

Rockinlibrarian | 10 comments Okay, I'll bite. I read it for the first time when I was 13 and have read it several times since, though not for several years and not enough to be able to tell the dwarves apart. Stupid dwarves. I'm still bitter about the dwarves because a couple years ago I was playing around at work taking Accelerated Reader tests and I completely bombed the quiz on this book BECAUSE I COULDN'T KEEP ALL THE STUPID DWARVES STRAIGHT. Mind you, I took this quiz as an adult and it didn't count for anything, but I'M STILL BITTER ABOUT IT. But I love the book, and am looking forward to the movie something frightful on account of a) the LOTR movies are my favorite book adaptation ever and b) I have the world's hugest crush on Martin Freeman; and I think I can forgive it for being full of Stupid Dwarves, and MAYBE, if I read the book again, I'll be one step closer to MAYBE being able to tell them a LITTLE more apart. Anyway, what with all this movie stuff running through my head ridiculously often, I've been looking over at that book feeling tempted to pick it up again for the past year, so maybe this is my excuse.

Side note: my son's named after a hobbit. Just not one who's been born yet in this book.

Okay, I'll stop talking now.

Callista Knight | 7 comments I read The Hobbit as an adult on my husband's recommendation. I read it after I'd read Lord of the Rings. I'm very excited about the moving coming out and my 7 year old daughter is working through the book on her own so that if the movie isn't too scary, she can see it in the theaters. I'll have to snag my copy back from my daughter to read this, but it shouldn't be a problem, she's busy with her science fair project right now.

We also arranged babysitting for the opening night of the movie last summer, so we are all set to go.

Rockinlibrarian - I too can't keep the dwarves straight. I hope I do better when I see them in costume in my head. On the pages they all look the same.

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Michelle | 1 comments It's been years since I read The Hobbit. I just started reading it aloud last week to my daughter so the timing was perfect for me :) I too am hoping the movie isn't too scary so she can see it!

I'm looking forward to reading some good books this year. I admit that reading is something that hasn't happened nearly enough since I started having kids. I used to plough through books before that. There just isn't enough time in the day!

Amber DiTullio (adpaz) | 1 comments It's been a long time since I'd last read The Hobbit and I'm really looking forward to a reread and discussion. Thanks for choosing such an awesome first book!

Chickenstitch | 5 comments I read this book as a child when my dad bought it for me one christmas and loved it! That lead onto reading the LOTR which I of course loved too. I've read it again several times and was planning on reading it again before the film came out.

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Jonathan | 2 comments Yes, I have read the Hobbit before but it has been years. I was planning to read it this summer but saw that this was chosen as the first book club choice and decided I would start now instead of waiting. I am also taking a CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien class so it will fit right into what I am currently reading. First read it when I was 9 or 10. Looking forward to visiting those who I consider old friends of Middle Earth.

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Lynn | 2 comments One of my all-time favorite books! We had just started reading it to our 5.5 yo when I found out about the GeekMom book group.

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Ariane Coffin | 18 comments Mod
This will be my first time reading it!

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Cara (thinkc) | 4 comments I actually just read the Hobbit for the first time in November. I wanted to get into Tolkien because I loved the LoTR movies and they seem up my alley. I absolutely loved it- though I admit that I also couldn't keep the dwarves straight. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for me to read it to her.

Patricia (vollmerdp) | 15 comments Mod
Like Callista, I read the other LOTR books first -- as an adult -- I hurried to read them just ahead of the movies in 2000, 2002, 2004.

This is my first time reading it -- I'm currently about 2/3 of the way through. Hopefully this doesn't spoil anything, but I'm at the place where everyone's just now coming out of the liquor barrels.

I'm not keeping the dwarves straight either...with the exception of the "lead dwarf" Thorin, and the heavy dwarf who always appears lazy, the others all just seem to be the same to me.

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Cathe (gamermom1_0) | 1 comments Mod
I have tried to read the book, and stopped about two chapters in. I tried listening to the audio book, and got bored about half way in. I don't need to know about ancestors of the characters unless it plays on the story. Songs are great in movies, but I don't need full on multi-verse songs in my stories. The LOTR novels were made into beautiful movies, but I just can't wait through all the non-essential details in the books or find them enjoyable.

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Cara (thinkc) | 4 comments That's why I skim when necessary when reading Tolkien. I don't find it so bad in The Hobbot, but the multi-page songs in Fellowship of the Ring were killing me, so I gave myself permission to skip them. Reading is now much more enjoyable!

Patricia (vollmerdp) | 15 comments Mod
I similarly skimmed over the songs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I remember. When the Tim Burton version came out, I ever-so-vaguely remembered the lyrics when the Oompa Loompa sang...and I had to quickly look up the songs to see how they adapted them (there are lines taken from assorted verses in the film version). In the "Willie Wonka and the Charlie Factory" version the songs weren't even close :-)

Mandy (chaosmandy) I admit that I skim over the songs in LOTR most of the time.

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MsMortis | 1 comments This will be my first time reading The Hobbit.

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Sky Thibedeau (skylarkthibedeau) | 4 comments Want to read it again before the Movie Comes out.

Bettina | 20 comments I read LoTR and the Hobbit when I was a preteen and it was a bit heady but I still enjoyed it. When I was 20 and on my honeymoon, hubs and I found the trilogy at a specialty book store and bought it so I've read it multiple times since then (and we bought the Hobbit and the Silmarillion [sp?] not long after). I haven't read The Hobbit as often; it lacks the EPIC feel that LOTR has. You can tell Tolkien wrote it first because the world isn't quite so fully realized as it would be in LOTR. Plz feel free to bash me if that's too much a spoiler; I'm not used to book clubs, online or otherwise!

Mandy (chaosmandy) Bettina - I don't think that's a spoiler at all and I agree with you. The Hobbit is a good read but it isn't epic the way LOTR is.

Jennifer (lilhumminbird) | 1 comments I've read The Hobbit before and I'm excited to pick it back up again!

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Sky Thibedeau (skylarkthibedeau) | 4 comments B. The Hobbit is the most accessible of Tolkien's works. You can tell that he wrote it for his Kids. The Lord of the Rings, The Simarillion, The Children of Hurin, and even Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are more academic in nature. The former read as translations from Elvish and the latter from Norman French.

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NJ Mix | 2 comments I am up through Chapter 2 now. I was hoping to be further but I've been derailed with a nasty flu bug. :P

Rebekah | 2 comments I'm so glad The Hobbit is the pick for this month's read! I reread LOTR every couple of years, but don't reread The Hobbit nearly as frequently. I first read it when I was about nine; my high-school-aged sister wouldn't let me touch her Hobbit/LOTR boxed set until then.

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