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message 1: by Mathis (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Welcome! This thread is for all the newbies. Do share and tell us a little about yourself.

message 2: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Hi, I'm Cherale and I will admit that I have not read very muchliterature or all that many big fat books. The most big fat books I've read is usually hard cover books from series I've liked at one time or another. Like Anita Blake, Discovery of Witches, The Alibi, etc. I ahve tried to read Little Women but was unable to get through it. So maybe I'll get another chance and try it out again.

message 3: by Mathis (last edited Feb 20, 2012 07:35PM) (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Welcome Cherale!

So funny that you've mentioned "Little Women" because it's been sitting on my coffee table unread collecting dust for a couple of years now. And I recently took up a creative writing class and my professor talked and talked about how wonderful this book was, and asked me out of all people have I read it. Gosssh! I wish I had, because I detest being left out of the loop when it comes to book discussions. So perhaps we could add this to our book read for April or May if that's okay with you. Just let me know.

I've read in the other forum that you like to read your horo. I do also,once and a while online. what's your sign? Saggitarius here.

message 4: by Dhfan4life (last edited Feb 20, 2012 07:33PM) (new)

Dhfan4life Ya know that is the exact reason why I first tried to read Little Women. I got through like the first 3 and half chapters and then I was like this is torturing me, lol. And I'm a fellow Sag here as well. :)

Can I ask what are some of the most enjoyable big fat books out there? I'm usually of the paranormal and urban fantasy persuasion. And most of those aren't that big. But I'm open to trying new stories as long as theya re pretty interesting.

message 5: by Mathis (last edited Feb 20, 2012 08:00PM) (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
To be quite honest, I haven't read too many fat books. That's one of the reasons why I decided to start this club. I'm actually apart of a real bookclub at my local book store, and I'm a little apprehensive about suggesting books over a 1000 pages that might intimidate them. So I thought I would start a bookclub of my own that is more challenging.

These are really good epic stories: Shantaram, A Fine balance, and Twilight...Yes, I liked it.(smack me silly if you I haven't read anything else that was outrageously fat.

message 6: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Haha, no smacking necessary. I've seen the Twilight movies. But the over popularity of them and Harry Potter is what turns mea way from such series. That and occasionally I feel too mature/old reading most YA books. I'll have to look into Shantaram and Fine Balance. Thanks for the suggestions. Oh have you heard of the Outlander series? By Diana Gabaldon? So far I know 2 other friends that have read it. 14,000 pages I think they are.

message 7: by Mathis (last edited Feb 20, 2012 08:48PM) (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Uh uh, I can't say I have. I've heard about it though. 14,000 pages you say?! Perhaps I need to add it to the BigFatBook to-read list..haha.

You're welcome! Are you going to read "A Suitable Boy" March 1?

message 8: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Ya know it does sound good. But at the moment I'm trying to do a 200 book challenge for the eyar and clean up some of the books I already have on my tbr list that I've been meaning to read for ages now. But I will see if I can find it in my local library here and mark it to read sometime.

message 9: by Trisha (new)

Trisha Hi everyone! I love a good challenge when it comes to books and I'm doing a "pages read" challenge rather than a "books read" challenge, that way I won't avoid larger books.
I've tackled some chunksters like "Vanity Fair", "Anna Karenina", and "Forever Amber", but there are a lot of other heavy-weight books that I would like to read! :-)

message 10: by Mathis (last edited Feb 21, 2012 01:20PM) (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Welcome Trisha!

Same here. I also decided to do a "pages read" challenge this year. Trying to do something different and challenging to stretch my thoughts. Congratulations on tackling "Vanity Fair" which is truly a heavy-weight. How long did it take you to finish it? I've seen the movie starring Reese Witherspoon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I'm not sure if it measured up to the book, given that, I haven't read it yet.

message 11: by Dhfan4life (new)

Dhfan4life Hi Trisha,

I'll have to try for a pages challenge as well sometime. I'm still just getting back to reading for leisure. Been away from it for so long after reading so many college text books and dealing with my mom's health issues. Can I ask though, have you really enjoyed the lengthier stories or ever thought that the author could have told the story in a shorter format? I always wonder that when some authors write up to 70 or so chapters.

message 12: by Mathis (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
It all depends on the author's interest on the topic. Some authors have the knack of telling beautiful epic stories without being redundant and mediocre. And there are those who like to fill up the pages to prove they are a pompous old fart.

However, I like long stories, because I feel they leave a long lingering effect. The descriptions can be so hypnotic; giving the reader the full experience. But to answer your question,in short, I think any long story can be shorten, and still carry the same impact.

message 13: by Terry (new)

Terry Pearce Hi,

I'm Terry, and I'm a big-fat-book-aholic.

I read Infinite Jest last year and it's pretty much my favourite novel ever. I also loved doorstoppers such as Johnathon Strange & Mr Norrell, Shantaram, Anna Karenina, 2666, The Crimson Petal & the White, The Sot-Weed Factor and the Wind-up Bird Chronicle. I also love a number of series that I just think of as one story really, like The Lord of the Rings, The Illuminatus! Trilogy and George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.

I mainly like literary stuff but as you can see I like a bit of variety too. The worst sin is to see the author's hand and have it stop you believing the characters are real and are driving the story. Anything that doesn't do that I can love.

I live in London. I'm reading A Suitable Boy already... I'm on p170 or so.

I often find with long stories that I do get lost in them, and wallow in them with delight. Sometimes with a shorter book I'm more conscious of how far through it I am, but with a 500-page-plus slab, I realise I'm in it for the long haul and settle in.

message 14: by Mathis (last edited Feb 23, 2012 06:10PM) (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Welcome Terry!

I'm glad you found your way here. Woah! you read a lot thick books. I guess I have some catching up to

I will be cracking open "A Suitable Boy" next week. I cannot wait to devour every page; I've been wanting to read this monster for the longest. My friend thinks I'm nuts for endeavoring such a book of its size. He doubts I would finish it, and I'm willing to prove him wrong.

Hey Terry, since you have a litte head start, you are more than welcome to begin the conversation in the discussion thread for "A Suitable Boy", which are numbered in Parts, just like in the book. Share with us big-book-lovers what you think so far. ;-)

message 15: by Terry (new)

Terry Pearce I just finished part four, so I'll do just that.

message 16: by Meera (new)

Meera Srikant (meerasri) | 1 comments Hi
Books of any size are fine... as long as the story reads like a story. I need books while eating, waiting, and even while cooking!

message 17: by Mathis (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Welcome Meera!

I'm so glad you joined us. I'm still getting things organized but feel free to start a conversation or suggestion anywhere. It's great to see you here. :-)

We're currently reading "A Suitable boy" by Vikram Seth.

message 18: by Mauro (new)

Mauro (mauromdc) I discovered the group through the War & Peace discussion. I read it recently so I'll wait for the next one.

message 19: by Mathis (new)

Mathis Bailey | 57 comments Mod
Welcome Mauro, Great having you in the group!

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