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Pretty neat place to chill >.>

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Peyton and Aeogon suddenly landed on hard, cold ground. There was heat nearby, though, and as Peyton looked over she gasped and scrambled away. They were on the bank of a river made of flames.

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Kadyn walked around, enjoying the flames around her.

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Elena | 25991 comments Aeogon kept her balanced, looking around like it was familiar land."did you mean to take us here?" he asked carefully.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Peyton shook her head, staring at the flames with her eyes squinted a bit. "No. I don't even know where here is..."

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Elena | 25991 comments "it's hell darling."aeogon said gently."you must have had some idea when you brought us here..?"

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ "What?" Peyton hissed quietly, glancing fro mthe flames back to him. "I had no idea, I can't control where we go... I just thoguht anywhere would've been better than..." she trailed off.

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Elena | 25991 comments Aeogon looked around."I'm not exactly what part of hell we are in.. but hey home sweet home."he said sarcastically.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ "Oh," Peyton's eyebrows lifted. "Yeah, I guess this would kind of be home to you." She grinned slightly. "Can I get a tour?"

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Elena | 25991 comments "I'm not sure that would be a good idea.."aeogon said.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((S'okay
Sorry I just worte my paper that's due tomorrow:p SWAG.))

Peyton smiled slightly. "I was joking, I'd rather not spend more itme here- do you know how to get out?"

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Elena | 25991 comments ((haha))

"um no.."Aeogon admitted."there seems to be fire everywhere.."

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ "Really? I didn't notice." Peyton sighed. "Okay, I can try to teleport us again..."

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Elena | 25991 comments Aeoogn nodded taking her hand again.


¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((Heyy!))

"Okay," Peyton said nervously. "Let's hope for somewhere better." She closed her eyes and concentrated until she felt tingly, and then a second later they were falling through they air.

((Where shall they go?))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((wattup?
hmm somewhere rp neglected?))

Aeogon couldn't help close his eyes, he hated this place anyway.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((Ehh not much, incredibly busy week >.< you?
...hummmmmm.... the gas station? :D))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((same. caps coming up soon XP
sure1 I'll post))

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments Death hummed a happy toon as he led some guy's soul by the scythe down the escalator. "You're just lucky you didn't die a long time ago. I heard that the reapers back then just threw off a cliff into here." He closed the gateway out after the soul stepped off of the escalator and walked back up the down escalator. "I love reaping souls to Hell instead of Prizone," he sang off-key.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments "Neither did I," Lifebring admitted after they had materialized. "Do you have an appointment?" a spirit asked her. It was sitting at some form of desk. "Or are you dead?"

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments Alana sighed. "No no appointment, but its urgent and I am wanting to speak with Death, do you mind letting me borrowing him for and hour maybe less if things go well?" She said to the spirit. "Death!" She yelled.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments "If you want to see Death," the spirit said, "you must answer my riddle."
"The answer is death," a skeleton said, holding the exclusive reaper scythe used only by Death and the best robes ever woven by skeletons. This probably meant that the skeleton was death.
"How did you guess?"
"You always do the same riddle. It's 'what comes after life?'" Death answered. "What is it? And why did you bring a Demon Youth in here? It seems to have developed a largely human organ system, that's why his magic didn't heal all those beautiful... I mean ugly bruises, though I have a feeling that he'll grow out of it, most of the Demon Youths do."

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments Alana sighed, fed up of being pushed and pulled and messed around. "Look this is getting old, with the riddles and the questions. All I know is Dying said I should come here to get his wounds healed and you were that person/skeleton to do it. OK. So he may be a demon youth but he hands wounds beyond my healing powers so do me a favour and help. And do tell me about this notion Dying has about me." She said.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments "He sees other creatures as chess pieces, and wishes to use them to further his own ends. Your head would fetch quite a bounty, unless it was attached to your body, of course. i look at it for fun. I used to be a vet back in Eden, you know. And until stuff started dying, I was a healer in the Demon Camps. I think I can do this... you," he pointed to a skeleton, who immediately turned to dust. Then Death spread the bone dust over the wound, mending the cuts and bruises, and even restoring the missing flesh. "Amazing what a touch of Death magic will do," he muttered. Sometimes he even amazed himself.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments ((STILL, Caitlin? You're hurting me, really.))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( hey hey hey when your getting to the end of school and entering your last but most important exams then be patient. I can get only at some points but rare points. ))

Alana rolled her eyes at his comments and watched as he worked his magic over the poor boys wounds. She smiled. "Thank you." She said. She looked down at the boy and held his hand. "Your ok now." She said reassuringly.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((CAITLIN!!! you're alive!))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( Im alive it's true just lol ))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((I haven't talked to you in ages! lol))

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Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( I know lol sorry for being gone so long the only Charrie I've rp'd is Alana I don't think I can do my other charities cause everyone seems to be doing there thing))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((hahahaha well dante has been stuck with rainy and is missing her a lot
how are you?)))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments I wanna to with Dante! *sigh* I'm ok busy but good desperate to rp a really juicy story but I don't know any yet lol how r u?))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((hmmm... we could start a 1x1 somewhere?
busy but okay thanks))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( Really? Sure ok where?))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((yeah! Um.. We just need to find a 1x1 group..))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments ((How about tales of temptation group? Or Jahlia's group))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((or this one?
what's the tales of temptation group?))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( Ok cool Shall I make it? and tales of temptation in a 1 on 1 group as well ))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((sure! wait,... which group are we doing this on?)

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( umm good point how about the group you gave me the link to?))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((okay! :3 and you wanna make it? Or me?))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( ill make it ! ))

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments ((I was actually planning on bringing Dante into this, and I was patient, for nine days. Thus far, every attempt to bring Dante in has met with at least partial failure, so my hopes aren't completely sky-high.))

"So, what are you going to name him? Rex? Archinoxoloptroyontedclus? Dug? Dig? Dog? Dag? Deg? Where will you keep him? In a crate? In a basket? Under a rock? In a Gopher Tortoise hole?" The questions and guesses petered out.... madly.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((oh sorry.. I saw the news announcement he was just preoccupied..heh))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments Alana put up her hand to stop him. "Calm down I don't know what to call him and I don't know where to keep him and I don't know if he can even talk." She said.

(( really sounds cool are you adding him now or? ))

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments ((Remember; his name is Satith, and the plan was to put him in Death's childcare, because it was the safest place there was ever likely to be.))
"Don't worry about that, I have a translator who speaks baby." He summoned a spirit who listened to Satith's inane babble for a second. "He says that his parents are Dutch."
"Is that true, Alana?" Death asked.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments (( lol yeah I know but she would initially be confused at first by his mass of questions ))

Alana looked at Death. "I don't know. I know if I'm correct...Satith is his name and Lilith had him. If he's Dutch I have no idea. I know he was hurt which you fix and I know that I need to put him somewhere safe. Wich reminds me can I put him in your child care?"

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments "Yes, of course. Free of charge if I owe you a favor. Bring up her file," he commanded the spirit. "You tried to kill her once."
"Ah, yes," Death said wistfully, as if remembering those days fondly, "Alright, I'll take care of the tiny thing and we're even."

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) | 16586 comments Alana smiled and thanked him. "Thank you. And we are even now." She said. "Satith, sweet heart, your going to be staying with here ok, but I will come by to check on you." She said.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 5164 comments "Demon," Death corrected. "He'll actually be more comfortable if you say demon."

After a bit of warbling, the spirit translated, "I think that he said french fries." This made no sense to anyone except Death, who grinned and led the little tot away, talking about anything that came to mind. The secretary glanced at the translator. "You have no idea what he's been saying, do you?"
"Not a clue."

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