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*This scene is between best friends- It's rather long but I thought their conversation was hilarious! And I can totally relate because I've had a similar conversation with a friend or two ;)

Eve stopped in the middle of handing her another plate and gaped at Heroine. She shook her head. "My God, you need a date worse than I thought. If you don't get those hormone levels back in the safe zone, you're liable to hurt yourself."
"It's going to take more than a date to cure my case of hornies; what I need is a down-and-dirty, full-blown affair."
Eve blinked, "Good Lord, you're serious. But you were staring and Hero's forearms. I thought big, strong, manly men like K and Hero scared the bejeezus out of you."
Men like that used to scare the bejeezus out of me. But I've been thinking that if BK has the balls to bang some eighteen-year old twit, I sure as hell ought to have the courage to do the same."
"You want to bang an eighteen-year-old twit?" Eve asked deadpan.
"No!" Heroine choked on a laugh. "Although I have heard the younger you get them the more trainable they are."
Heroine darted a look towards the living room, where Sarah was telling Mabel and Patricia about her triumphant field trip today, as well as explaining the art of misdirection to them.
"I've decided I'm going to jump Hero's bones," Heroine whispered, smiling at her friend's shock. She leaned closer. "But what ever you do, don't tell him, because I want it to be a surprise."
Eve opened her mouth but nothing came out, and Heroine plucked the plate out of her hand with a laugh. "But I need a plan; something other than just walking up to him and saying, 'Hey there, Hero. Would you mind letting me blow your socks off- or anything else you might have that needs...blowing?" She reached over and lifted Eve mouth close. "What? You don't think I dare?"
"Heroine, Eve hissed, taking hold of her arm and dragging her out onto the porch. "Hero isn't some eighteen-year-old twit; he's like K and R and the M men who helped rebuild out house." She arced a brow. "Are you forgetting what happened to Susan? You so much as even bat your big brown eyes at Hero, and he's going to have you naked before you can even ask him if you can...if he's got..." She sighed. "What happened to him being an uncouth, lecherous caveman you don't want anything to do with?"
"Have you looked at him lately?" Heroine asked, waving toward the barn where the men saddling the horses for their ride. "The guy not only cleaned up well, he literally takes my breath away. And you should see him with our residents. He's sweet and thoughtful, and he sincerely likes them. So what's your problem all of a sudden? I thought you wanted me to take an interest in Hero." Feeling prickles of heat rise to her cheeks, Heroine smoothed the front of her blouse. "Or do you think Hero wouldn't be interested in me?" she asked softly.
"No! What would make you say something like that?"
Heroine tucked her escaping hair behind her ear, suddenly having second thoughts about her grand plan to seduce Hero. She gave a self-conscious laugh. "We both know I'm not exactly a sex kitten. I mean, really; my girls never did perk back up after I had Sarah, and I could lose twenty pounds and still not fit into my old cheerleader uniform. And the last time I had tan and sun--streaks in my hair was in high school."
"You're beautiful," Eve growled.
"Yeah, I know, I have beautiful brown eyes and smile that lights up the world, just like my nine-year-old daughter." She snorted. "And we both know how men love fondling a woman's eyes.
Eve shot her a scathing look. "My God, how did we go from your wanting to blow Hero to your blowing yourself up?"
Heroine sighed. "I think I'm in the early stages of menopause-one minute I'm horny as a toad, the next I'm feeling sorry for myself and can't stop crying, and then the next minute I just really, really want to hit something. And sometimes I'm all three at the same time! It has to be my hormones getting ready to croak."
"You are not going through menopause!" Eve hissed. "You're twenty-seven."

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Sounds really good but I know I haven't read it.

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Kasey | 560 comments Mod
No idea.

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I'm stumped, but it made me laugh.

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Okie (okieb) | 2063 comments Mod
PJ recommended this author a few years ago, I quickly became a fan. This book is a part of a series.

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Monica | 548 comments Mod
Ahahahahahahaha!!! LOOOOVE the last line! I haven't read it, but I will definitely be getting it!

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Okie (okieb) | 2063 comments Mod
And the book is- Dragon Warrior by Janet Chapman

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Monica | 548 comments Mod
Oh my gosh! I have this book in my tbr pile! Lol!

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Okie (okieb) | 2063 comments Mod
LOL, Monica!! I'm a huge fan of Janet Chapmans Scots and Irishmen

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Monica | 548 comments Mod
I'll definitely move it up to the top of my pile! Thanks, Okie!

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Dls | 2079 comments Mod
Just bought it to try...

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Happy Reading, Debbie!

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