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Kala-Kala! I made a discussion to RP in!

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yay! thanks
what kind do ya wanna do?

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We could do:
- Faerie
- High school
- Private School
- Stranded on island
- Paranormal?
- "Gifted" School
- I can't think of any others.

Wanna do a faerie one?

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Okay, do you want to make your charrie first?

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((uuuug i have to go!!!
you make yours and i'll come back and do mine in the morning! i'm sooo sorry but mom is going to kill me if i dont go to bed....
I'll be back!!!))

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((Bye Kaya!!! I have to come up with a nickname for you))

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Name: Tora Steller

Age: Unknown ;)

Gender: F

Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/23417786

Personality: Tora is an all-around bubbly and sweet girl who is kind to everyone, no matter the circumstances. Well, sometimes

Kin: Mum and Papa are Unkown. Only child.

Other: Zeeva, her snow leopard companion: http://m.weheartit.com/entry/23157764

Species: Unseelie Fae (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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Name: Raeda Havik
Gender: Female
Appearance: really long, hip-length brown hair with tons of feathers in it and large, dark brown eyes, tan skin, tall, with huge hawk wings.
Personality: Knows what she wants and how to get it and is very passionate about what she believes in. She gets along with few but is deathly loyal to her few friends.
Kin: None
Other: She has a pet hawk named Kara
Species: A Hawk-Nymph
((i think since its just us we should each do two characters... agreed?))

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((here's my second...))
Name: Kalen Nonevidens
Gender: Male ((I've never been a guy before sso we'll see how this goes...))
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/23323927
Personality: a trickster with a good heart who can't help but see the best in everyone. loves to play pranks but only harmless ones
Kin: None
Other: He's in love with Tora :)
Species: Jinni (an invisible shape-shifter)

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((Haha okay :D)) ((and awwww to the Tora thing!!))
Name: Ash Vindegin
Age: unknown
Gender: M
Appearance: http://m.weheartit.com/entry/23257905
Personality: Quiet and stays away from everyone.
Kin: None
Other: Tora is like a little sister to him, interested in Raeda
Species: Moirai ((One of the three fates))

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((you start?))

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((You start :P))

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((fine...give me a sec...))

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((YAY :D))

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Raeda soared through the air above the forest, the place she had always called home. Kara flew beside her like always and Raeda fanaticised about flying away, far, far away, to have adventures and quests... but she knew it could never be, she was tethered here, unable to leave. She didn't know why, she only knew that when she tried to go she was unable, her wings froze and she felt as if a magnetic force was pulling her back towards the forest. Love was a powerful thing, weather you know you're in love or not.

Kalen soared beside Raeda, about ready to laugh out loud, she was so gullible. She honestly thought that he was Kara, the hawk that was actually tethered to a tree miles below. Raeda would figure it out soon enough, and then she's wring his neck, but it would be worth it.

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Tora perched on a high tree, staring up at the sky. With her good eyesight she spotted Raeda and Kara. She looked over at Ash who was swinging on tree branches. "Ash look! It's Raeda and Kara!" But where's Kalen? She silently thought to herself.

Ash instantly perked up at Raeda's name, and when he looked up, sure enough, she was soaring with her pet hawk. Ash looked back over and saw Zeeva crawling into Tora's lap. Suddenly, Tora started waving her arms around.

"Raeda! Come over here!"

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Raeda heard Tora and looked towrds the sound. She could see her friend perched in the tree and she dove down. She had to admit she was showing off a bit, but she wouldn't admit the reason was that she knew that anywhere Tora was, Ash would be close by.
She landed gracefully on the branch beside Tora and held out her arm for Kara, but instead, her hawk transformed into Kalen and landed heavily on the brance beside her with a sheepish grin on his face, nearly shaking the girls out of the tree.

Kalen looked down and did his best to look ahamed, but he couldn't keep a grin off his face when he spotted Tora. He winked at her and she blushed, but then Kalen turned back to Raeda, and the grin was wiped right off his lips.
Raeda's face was a mask of rage, but somehow she managed to remain gorgeous. He had always thought Raeda beautiful, everyone did, but there were no feelings other than strained friendship and her mild annoyance with him.

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Tora giggled at the glares shot between Raeda and Kalen. To be truthful, she would've been jealous of all the time Raeda and Kalen spent together, but she knew for a fact it was just brotherly/sisterly love. Thankfully.

Ash gave a small smile to Raeda, knowing she was showing off her wings, but he didn't mind. He loved them, and she was so graceful as she swooped down to him, taking his breath away. He gave her another small smile. Getting smiles from Ash was pretty rare unless you were Raeda or Tora.

"Where's Kara?" Tora asked dumbly, then it dawned on her. She shot a look over at Ash. "What did you do?"

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"Yeah Kalen, where's my hawk?" Raeda growled between her teeth. He smiled sheepishly and murmured something that Raeda couldn't make out, "What was that, Kalen?"

Kalen shuffled his feet, "Well, uh, see, I..."
He could feel Raeda's hot glare on his forehead as he looked down at the ground below them, "I tied her up." he muttered.

"You what?" Raeda's temper flared. Kara was her best friend, her ultimate companion. She could put up with Kalen's child-like pranks but this, this had gone too far.

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Ash paled at Kalen's response. Everyone knew that Raeda loved Kara to death, and if any harm came to her hawk companion, someone was sure to suffer from Raeda's wrath. Which was actually quite terrifying.

Tora turned and glowered at Kalen, her teeth clenched. She smacked him upside the head, not caring if it hurt. "That's what you get for being stupid." Tora growled at him. Turning back to Raeda, her features softened, and her voice became more sincere. "I can help you search for Kara, if you would like."

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Raeda nodded stiffly, "you search from the ground." with that she flew off, leaving her three companions behind. She flew fast, the wind whipping at her face keeping her tears back. Her vision became bleary as she flew, searching for Kara.

The glare that Tora had shot him killed Kalen. Tora's beautiful face was contorted into an awful mask of hatred that Kalen couldn't bear. He hung his head in shame and then looked up at Ash sheepishly, what did he think of him? He couldn't help but wonder. Kalen had always admired him for his patience and good counsel, and valued his opinion highly.

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Ash shook his head and muttered, "Idiot." He hated seeing Raeda so sad yet angry, infuriated. Turning to Tora, he spoke softly, like a leaf falling softly onto the ground, "Hey Tor? I'll search in the trees." With that, jumped away, swinging like a monkey.

Tora ignored Kalen, dropping off the tree, landing gracefully onto the ground. "Kara?" She called out as she started walking away.

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Raeda couldn't see a thing, her eyes were full of tears. "Kara!" she called out, her voice was horse with sorrow and guilt, how could she have not known it was Kalen and not Kara? Raeda flew on.

Kalen looked down at his feet, the worst part was, he had no clue where he had put Kara, and there was no way he would be able to find her. He knew Ash and Tora would be able to though, they were good at that sort of stuff. So she swung through the trees towards his hammock to take a mid-day-nap and pray that Raeda would be merciful with her punishment for him.

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Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kalen crawl back to his hammock. 'Lazy bum' Tora thought. Ever since she woke up this morning, her usual bubbly attitude had been deflated by something much darker. She knew it would happen sooner or later, but she had always hoped it was a lie about her being an unseelie Fae. She shook her head quickly, angered. 'I need to focus on finding Kara.' "Zeeva!" Tora called out and the snow leopard pounced out of no where. "Zeeva, find Kara's scent." As if the leopard knew what she was saying, Zeeva nodded her head and started sniffing around.

Ash searched high and low, but couldn't pick up any scent of Kara. Remembering Raeda's tear coated face, he decided to go after her. I have to make sure she's alright. I would never be able to forgive myself is she got harmed in anyway.

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Raeda still couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, something came hurdling towards her and knocked into her right wing. Raeda toppled over and pummeled down towards the trees below.

Kalen saw Tora watching him and felt a prick of shame, but then he passed off into oblivion, trickery was an exhausting business.

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Zeeva started growling at a tree nearby. "Zeev? Didja find Kara?" I sprinted over to where Zeeva circled around and saw Kara tethered to a tree. Yanking out a handy knife that she kept in her shoe, she ripped Kara free. Before she could untangle Kara from the ropes, she flew off, going to find Raeda.

A piercing headache thumped against Ash's brain, and that was a sure sign someone's death would occur soon. But who's? Looking up at the sky, he saw something plummeting to the ground. Raeda? Without thinking, he leaped off the tree to save her.

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Raeda fell into Ash's arms and they fell to the forest floor, rolling together over the softly packed soil and landing, miraculously unharmed, into a heap. Raeda's eyelids fluttered open and she stared into Ash's eyes. Managing a pained smile, she whispered, "thank you ash."
her wing lay at a painful angle, and it was all she could do not to scream out in pain.

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Tora jerked up, smelling Raeda and Ash's blood. She stood up quickly, but tripped over a branch. She felt utterly pathetic. Tora's ankle was twisted at a weird angle, and it hurt badly. Turning to the leopard she whispered, "Go get Kalen." Zeeva sprinted off, knowing exactly where the hammock Kalen sleeped on was at.

"I'm glad you're okay." Was all Ash could murmur.

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Kalen jerked awake and saw Tora's leopard rushing towards him. Zeeva motioned for him to follow her and he did, groggily running after the small white animal.

Tears of pain and love rolled down Raeda's cheeks, he was so perfect, so wonderful. He had leapt out of nowhere to save her from impending death. The pain was excruciating but she ignored it as she nestled her head in the crook of his shoulder, breathing him in and letting her tears soak his shirt. She knew that they would both be fine, but all she could think of was how very close to death they had both been, and how nice it felt to be in his arms.

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((Awwwwwwwwww Kaya!!!!!!!!!))
Zeeva looked over at Kalen and roared, trying to speed him up and awake him from his grogginess. She had to get him to help Tora, Zeeva could feel her deep pain. When they made it to the clearing that Tora stayed at, something dawned on Zeeva. Tora was no where in sight.

Tora grumbled to herself as she hobbled along, the scent of Raeda's and Ash's blood getting stronger. Finally, she found them, tangled up together like lovers. She screeched loudly, anger fuming inside of her. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!! AND HERE YOU ARE SNUGGLING TOGETHER LIKE...LIKE..." Tora gagged, not wanting to even know. "We found Kara by the way." And speak of the devil, she swooped down and landed beside Raeda.

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((whaaaaat?!?!? ;) ))
Kalen looked around, "Zeeva what IS it? Did you drag me out here for nothing? Huh?"

((you didn't say how Ash felt!!! :( ))
Raeda groaned in pain, her wing was killing her, not even Ash could heal that pain. Her hawk landed beside her and she managed a tiny smile, "Kara." she whispered.

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((I'M SORRY omg I didn't even know you replied..crap))

Ash's heart thumped a little bit faster as Raeda spoke softly to her hawk. It was hypnotizing, and he had fallen under her beautiful trance a long time ago. It wasn't just her beauty that had captivated him, it was everything about her that had drawn him. There was no denying that he loved Raeda immensely, he just didn't think she would feel the same way back. ((Isn't it always like that? :D))

Zeeva hissed at Kalen and noticed Tora's discarded shoe.

"How's your wing?" Tora grumbled angrily.

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((Okay I thought this was cool! http://m.weheartit.com/entry/22320443))

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((thats a falcon but still, i agree!!! gtg gnight!))

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((STILL!! Nite!))

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Kalen saw Tora's shoe and his heart stopped beating. An overwhelming sense of dread washed over him like a wave and he ran to the sandal. Cradling it in his hand he looked around desperately. Then, through the trees he saw her standing there, alive and well. Kalen let out a deep breath and hurried towards her through the brush.

Raeda turned her head painfully and said to Tora quietly, "Something hit my wing. I fell. Ash caught me." then she leaned back into Ash, "And my wing hurts like hell." she added.
Just then Kalen burst through the trees.

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((I like the first one best out of the two))
Tora looked over and saw him bursting through the trees. "Kalen, we need to take Raeda back to her hammock. It's close by, right? She hurt her wing pretty badly." Tora didn't meet his eyes.

Ash looked over at Raeda softly and offered a, "I'll carry her over there." Tora gasped and quickly protested. "Your hurt though Ash! Let me and Kalen carry Raeda!" Ash shook his head quickly. He didn't want to admit that he liked the way Raeda nestled into the crook of his neck.

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((me too))
Kalen rolled his eyes, it was obvious that Raeda and Ash were in love, he had seen it as soon as they met all those years ago. For Ash it had been instant, like he had been waiting for her. But Raeda... it took a lot for her to trust someone, let a lone fall in love with them. But Ash was a good guy and eventually Raeda had opened her heart to him, if only a little. And now he had saved her life.

Raeda closed her eyes and rested her head on Ash's shoulder, allowing herself to sink into him, relaxing in his arms was easy, he made her feel so safe...

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Tora crossed her arms across her chest angrily, wanting to help somehow. Zeeva crawled over to Tora and nudged her wet nose against Tora's hurt ankle, whining. Tora grinned and kneeled down, scratching behind Zeeva's ear. "Don't worry about it Zeev, it doesn't hurt that bad."

Ash half glowered over at Kalen and Tora. As much as he loved his "sister", Tora, he really would just like to spend time alone with Raeda and patch her up. He also really wanted to talk to her.

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Kalen grabbed Tora's arm and pulled her away, "Let me look at your ankle!" he insisted, not only was he worried about Tora, but he knew well enough to get out of Ash's way when he got that look on his face, and so Kalen began to examine Tora's ankle, he gently cupped it in his hand and carefully watching her face to see how much pain she was in. She was careful to keep her face blank but he could see the pain in her eyes, "let's go back to your hammock," Kalen said to Tora, "I'll carry you." and before she could protest he took her up in one arm and grabbed hold of a branch with the other, swinging towards Tora's tree.

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Zeeva ran along the ground, keeping a steady pace with the two. Tora glowered at the back of Kalen's head, but couldn't help but feel this weird tingly emotion in her stomach. What was it?

Ash lifted Raeda off the ground and took her over to his own hammock which wasn't far from here. Setting her on the cushioned hammock, he grabbed some bandages and lifted Raeda's wing. "You got hurt pretty badly. No more flying for awhile, promise me, okay?"

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Kalen could feel Tora's eyes glaring at the back of his head, but he didn't mind. As he laid her down in her hammock he watched as a wave of pain washed over her features. It was gone as soon as it came but Kalen vowed to himself to take care of her until she was better. He wouldn't leave her side.

Raeda smiled weekly, "Ash, you know I can't hardly live without flight. I have to strengthen my wing."

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"I'm serious Raeda. You are in critical condition and I don't want you get any worse." Ash told her, not meeting her eyes. If he did, he would for sure give in to her demands. He bandaged her wing up and finally met her eyes. "I need to talk to you about something...important."

"It's not that bad. I don't know why you and Zeev are overreacting so much." Tora giggled at Kalen and she snuggled into Zeeva when the small leopard crawled into her arms.

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Raeda looked up at him curiously, "What is it Ash?"

Kalen shook his head sternly, "I'll be taking care of you, Ash and Raeda. When Ash is feeling better he'll help me with Raeda, but you're going to stay put, you understand?" He was worried about her, Tora was good at hiding her feelings, and she could be happy in almost any situation, but he knew that she was in pain, he could sense it.

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"I'm fine." Tora growled angrily at him and before Kalen could do anything to stop her, she had jumped from tree to tree, out of sight.

"I...how...how do you feel about me?" Ash blushed as he looked away. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why would I ask such a foolish thing? He thought.

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Kalen rolled his eyes, could she honestly expect to escape him? everyone knew he was by far the fastest in the trees. And with that, he lept after her. It wasn't long before he caught up.

Raeda reached up a slender hand and placed it on Kalen's cheek, forcing him to look into her eyes. "Ash." she said his name so softly, so tenderly, it was an answer in itself.

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((aaaaaaaallyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come relieve me from BOREDOM!!!!!!!))

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((I'm sorry Kaya, I was watching anime xD))
"Get away from me!" Tora shouted at Kalen as she jumped from tree to tree. Where was Ash? We was her big brother, and though he didn't show it, he was badly hurt. She had to find him. She had to save him. She would always be in his debt ever since the day he saved her life. ((Tora doesn't see Ash in a romantic way, she just looks up to him and is worried))

Ash inhaled swiftly when Raeda's slender hand made contact with his cheek. Raeda had titled her head so he could look into her eyes, and they were full of so much tender-

"Get away from me!" An all too familiar voice screamed. Ash turned, to see where the noise was coming from.

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