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Book Trailer | 21 comments Mod
She dating death, how cool is that :)

Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
I wish my school days had been something like this :) so far the first 3 chapters are great. I'm giggling like a school girl lol. Hottie with the dimple Aka Death is very intriguing ! Leif is to cute though. I like how she brings in making assumptions about someone before you know them. A lesson we could all learn.

Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
I'm torn here. I really like Leif but goodness Dank over here is all alpha male. Once again can this be my school!!!!

Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
Ok so here is something I really enjoy about Abbi's Writing. This is in first person of Pagan our teen girl. Death is not or Dank ( I hate that name, he's to cute to have that name.) However, Dank has his own voice in this and it comes across loud and clear. She's done a great job for me. I feel very into the Characters when I'm reading this. I'm a grown woman sitting on my couch debating Team Leif ??? Team Dank???? I'm giggly over some teen boys. I'm ruined LOL

Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
I loved this book. I haven't had this much fun reading a book since, well forever!

Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
I posted my review. I highly recommend this book.

Nick Nicholas (nicksnicholas) | 90 comments I had a hard time choosing which one to read next, but I just bought Existence for my Kindle. I'm going to start it this evening.

Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
I'm not sure if it will have you giggling like a little school girl LOL but it's a great read.

Nick Nicholas (nicksnicholas) | 90 comments I gave it 4 stars. I enjoyed the book and of course I am now waiting for the 2nd in the trilogy, mainly because of what happened in the last few chapters and of course the last line of the book.

I though Pagan was a little too..much? or maybe overly dramatic. And I really thought she was being very mean to Leif- I'd describe it as downright cruel to him in terms of leading him on the way she did. Poor guy's gonna get crushed. Well at least that's how I felt until the last page!

Dank was bad-ass. I really liked his character. And I was actually rooting for him, (rooting for death!?!) by the end of the book.

Overall I enjoyed the book. The whole concept of souls and their reuse resonates greatly with me. I have similar concepts in my own Soul's Creed series, so I have a particular affinity to books that deal with this sort paranormal/pseudo-religions topic.


Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
I was chearing Lief on at first but Dank was to cool and well a bad ass. maybe she was leading him on a little and using him more as a security blanket but I almost feel he was expecting to much, wanting more then she could give. He was to perfect, to nice and understanding. Makes me wonder if he's. really a bad boy.

message 11: by Nick (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nick Nicholas (nicksnicholas) | 90 comments Good point Christy. Now that you mention it, I agree he was a little too perfect. Maybe your hunch is right! We'll have to wait for the next book to find out for sure!

Sally (dobsew) | 6 comments Okay so I'm 30% the way through this book and I'm enjoying it. At the moment all I can say is if Pagan breaks Leif's heart, I'm not going to be happy! With a dream like Dank you just know it's going to happen

Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
It's kinda hard to compete with hunky godlike Death boy lol

Sally (dobsew) | 6 comments Yey finished it, enjoyed it and looking forward to the second book ;o)

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