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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice walked into her dorm and tied her long hair back into side braid. She changed into baggy gray sweatpants and a tight white tee shirt. Lying down on her bed, she sighed.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Then she got up, showered and changed back into her uniform.

Even though it was still daytime, Alice went out of her dorm and outside. She didn't mind the sun like most vampires, in fact, she found it comforting and relaxing like a warm body hugging her pale skin.

She then padded barefoot towards the farm. She was hungry for some blood.

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Rena walked into the dorm and saw clothes on Alice's bed. "Hmm.... Where do I put these?", She wondered.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice came back into the dorm room and saw Rena. "Oh, hey Rena." she said, smiling one of her rare smiles.

She then walked over to her bed and put her everday clothes back into her closet.

She sat down and looked over at Rena. "I'm bored, you want to go do something?" she asked her.

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"...Sure", Rena agreed tying her long icy blue hair into pigtails.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* "Where do you want to go?" Alice asked, untying her braid and letting it flow down onto her back.

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"Maybe the cafe... I heard they have a strawberry cake...", Rena said.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* "Mmmm! Strawberry cake." Alice grinned, licking her lips. "Sounds like a plan." she agreed and slipped into a pair or knee high black boots, since Cross Academy allowed students to wear whatever shoes they found comfortable.

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Rena slipped on her purple flats and grabbed her frilly umbrella to dodge the sunlight.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (To the café!)

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice hurried back into her dorm and changed from her boots into black ballet flats. She re-tyed her hair into a side braid and tightened it with a red ribbon at the bottom.

Then, she grabbed her books and hurried out to her first class: Fangs 411.

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Rena changed into her uniform and let her hair out. She took her bag and headed to Fangs 411

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Rena sat down and started doing her Homwork. So she didn't have to do it later on.

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