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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (Roleplay)

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GonnaWingIt | 26 comments Aavs sat alone at a table. But she wasn't alone for long because the boys suddenly swarmed her table. She smirked and stuck her tongue out at the fuming girls.

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Tsu-tey sauntered into the cafe with a book. He sat down at a nearby table and started to read.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice went through the cafe with Rena at her side. She spotted an extremely cute boy at a nearby table. "What a catch!" she whispered to Rena.

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Tsu-tey watched a few human girls as they giggled and whispered about him at a nearby table. He sighed and returned to his book.

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Essence wrote: "Alice went through the cafe with Rena at her side. She spotted an extremely cute boy at a nearby table. "What a catch!" she whispered to Rena."

"Eh? The guy with the blue hair? Why don't you go talk to him. I will get us some cake", Rena whispered back.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (Does Tsu-tey think Rena and Alice are human?)

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Tsu-tey ordered some tea from an irritatingly giggling waitress. He put down the book and rubbed his temples with his fingertips.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alce nodded and went over. "Hi, I'm Alice." she said, smiling a dazzling smile. She felt a bit nervous and didn't know why. She never felt nervous around guys, never!

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"Alice......................", Rena tried to whisper from a long distance.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice heard a faint whisper from Rena and whipped her head around. "What?" she whispered back.

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((no i was talking about some actual humans, he knows they are vampires))
Tsu-tey looked up at Alice and replied in a slow, dreamy voice "Hey, the names Tsu-tey"

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice turned back around and smiled cooly. "Mind if I sit down for a bit?" she asked.

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Rena put her hands on her mouth when seeing Tsu-tey talking to Alice. She didn't want to ruin the fun.
Then she told the cashier to pack the cakes.

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He shrugged and said "Its not my table" the girls who were mooning over him looked like they were about to pass out when they found out how easy it would have been to sit near him

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice sat down. "What book are you reading?" she asked, trying to make small talk. The girls mooning over him took a step closer. Alice sensed it, turned around and gave a look that could kill pigeons in midair. The girls stepped back.

Alice turned back, smiling.

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((*dies laughing* i like that one!))
Tsu-tey accepted his cup of tea from the waitress and waved her away with one hand. She left fuming as he replied "Nothing much, its filled with different violin pieces."

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Rena came by and sat next to Alice. She whispered to Alice, "Do you want your cake now?".

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice nodded. Her stomach growled and even though Tsu-tey was so hot, Alice felt like passing out, no way was she giving up strawberry cake for him. "You're interested in violin?" she asked, not being able to hide the surprise in her voice.

"You want to sit?" she asked Rena, gesturing towards an empty chair next to her.

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Tsu-tey nodded and took a sip of tea "I have played it for a long time" he said simply. He kicked a chair out with his foot for Rena.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice nodded. Inside, her mind screamed at her. Why didn't she know what to say? Where were the stacks of witty comments she always had at hand when she finally needed them. Not knowing what to do, Alice resolved to eating a peice of cake.

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Tsu-tey turned the page and softly hummed the notes on the page, almost acting like they werent there.

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Rena ate her cake without minding anyone's buisness. But then... "The girls are back", she slightly whispered.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice's head whipped around to see if what Rena said was true. Sure enough, the girls were back, ohhinh and ahhing at Tsu-tey. One of them was too pretty for Alice's liking.

"I'll be back." she said through gritted teeth. She then walked over to the girls and pulled them outside.

When she came back in, the girls were shaking. They smiled sweetly at Alice but after she turned her back, they retreated to a table in a corner, far from Tsu-tey.

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Tsu-tey heard their giggling and suddenly stood up, slamming his book down on the table. "You have made me lose my place, and I have long since lost the patience of listening to you giggle and whisper about me." he said softly, but his voice thrummed with barely concealed anger. "I do not like to be interuppted when i am studying. Now, if you would do me the pleasure of leaving and not coming back until I leave today, I might consider pretending this never happened." The girls ran out and he sat back down, running a hand through his hair.

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((didnt see yours til after i posted mine.....))

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice was shocked at how Tsu-tey voice changed when he was angry. She wasn't scared of it, in fact, she liked it. Smiling mysteriously, she whispered to Rena, "I like this guy."

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Tsu-tey flipped through his book like nothing happened until he found his place. He drank his tea and continued from where he had left off.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (no prob, I guess there could be several girls mooning over him.)

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((yeah, he has that affect on people XD))

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"Heh heh", Rena slightly giggled finishing her cake. "What do you think will happen now?".

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Tsu-teys fingers moved against the book, as if it were a piano and he was pressing the keys.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice shrugged, but her mysterious smile remained. She signaled a waitress over. I'll have an iced coffee, to go and.." "What will you want?" she murmmered to Rena."

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (Be back in 10-15 minutes)

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((I gtg for a bit, but will be on later))

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"Iced Tea with sugar", She replied.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* ((Back and bye Sakura!))

The waitress nodded and went to get their orders. Before she left, she winked at Tsu-tey. Alice hissed at her and the waitress scurried away.

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Rena slightly giggled.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (got to go, but I'll be back later)

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Tsu-tey smirked and stood up. He pulled a few dollars from his pocket and left it on the table. Tucking his book under his arm, he walked off.

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* (Me too!)

Alice sighed. "He's perfect Rena." she said. Then she too, took out the money for the drinks the waitress had just bought 2 seconds ago. The waitress looked disappointed that Tsu-tey had left, but one look from Alice made her leave without a word.

"Come on." she said to Rena. "It's getting late and class will start soon." she added, taking a few sips of her iced coffee.

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"Okay", Rena replied taking out her umbrella under the seat, "You should get to know him more".

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Essence Caprano *NERDS TO THE RESCUE!* Alice nodded and a small smile crept up onto her face. Wiping it away, she put on a more serious face.

"Hurry, Headmistress Cross will kill us if we're late again." she said and hurried out the front door of the cafe.

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"Okay", Rena said.

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Leonela Serrano (leonela_serrano) | 26 comments Lia walked inside and sat down at a table. The cafe was almost like the one down the street from her apartment in Paris. She ordered a hot chocolate and sipped it quietly.

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Leonela Serrano (leonela_serrano) | 26 comments Finishing the hot chocolate, she paid for it and walked outside.

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